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Morningstar Province, the Domain of Heywesh Tal

This page offers a fuller description of Heywesh Tal's Domain, The Morningstar Province.

General Description

Horizon Harbor is on the eastern coast of the Black Isles and faces the Unfreezing Sea. As a baron reclaiming the Black Isles for the Ven, Heywesh felt Horizon Harbor's accessibility to seagoing travel & trade would be a useful advantage. A naturally deep harbor, it was settled in the first colonization attempt as well. As it faces east, and because the Marquis is bringing the light of Ven culture back to the Black Isles, Heywesh named it the Morningstar Province.

The Regions

Currently, there are 6 regions within the Morningstar Province.

Horizon Harbor

Shoreline 1

A population of Unblooded Veth survived on the shores of Horizon Harbor, as it is (relatively) Ork free and its waters have proven to be good fishing waters.


Village 2

Rising is a village populated by the surviving Unblooded Veth at the western edge of Horizon Harbor. Settled soon after the Ven lords fell, their refugee peasants gathered here for common protection, building a wooden palisade and creating an effective defense against the inland Orks. On the relative scale of the extant Unblooded communities in the Black Isles, Rising is healthy & thriving. Rising is just North of the old Ven's castle, but everyone claims Rising is a new village. No one says what happened to the old province's village.

Castra Morning Star

Castle 1

Just south of Rising, Castra Morning Star is the rebuilt fortress of a previous Ven lord who failed in his attempts to tame the Black Isles. Much of its outer wall was cannibalized by Rising over the years, making it more difficult for Heywesh to determine how it fell. The actual castle itself appears to have suffered a massive fire at some point, however.

Heywesh has built a keep in a corner of the ruins, and is planning on slowly renovating and/or demolishing to start anew as his castle grows.

The Eclipsing Cliffs

Mountain 1

As one continues west from Horizon Harbor and past Rising, one quickly comes to the Eclipsing Cliffs, an arc of stone facing the harbor that tapers off to both the North and the south. As one moves farther west, there is a gradual decline in height. In essence, the cliffs are shaped like a gigantic ramp.

Shaded Forest

Forest 1

The forests on the slopes and to the North of the Eclipsing Cliffs are still close enough to the coast to be safe from whatever lurks inland. It is a healthy, think forest of pine with a substantial amount of game.

Basking Fields

Farm 2

South of the Eclipsing Cliffs and west of Horizon Harbor are lands where the surviving Veth maintained agriculture. Rye and barley are the primary staples, and sheep are the primary livestock.