Highwind Adventures on the-Cloudsea

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High above the wild landscapes of the surface world, floating amidst the cloudsea, are the four Crystal States: The militaristic Argent Sky Empire, the chaotic Helheim Wildlands, the refined Kingdom of Lazulum, and the Free Vermilion Archipelago, each aligned with a powerful and sapient crystal.

In the Free Vermilion Archipelago, adventuring airship crews ply their trade, acting as handymen, mercenaries, treasure hunters, problem solvers, traders, couriers, passenger transport, and monster hunters, taking whatever jobs will pay. You, the crew of a small airship called the Highwind, are some of those adventurers.

These are interesting times to go adventuring in, though. Monsters are becoming bolder, the nights are growing longer, and perhaps strangest of all, the Argent Sky Empire and the Kingdom of Lazulum are meeting in the Archipelago to discuss a peace treaty that could put an end to their long cold war.

Player Characters

Tahsis, Al Bhed Sky Pirate played by GaoGaiGar

Toubib, Hume Doctor played by Herodawin

Vrel, Viera Gambler played by Falkus

Baraq, Hume Black Mage played by Funkadelic

Fecir, Al Bhed Engineer played by Crackedneurons