Homeward Bound

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Homeward Bound

This is the wiki frontpage for Iustum's upcoming Delta Green game.

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Recruitment Thread
IC Thread
OOC Thread

Mechanical Game State

Investigator Hit Points Sanity Willpower Violence Adaptation Helplessness Adaptation Wounds Disorders Bond Expenditure
Abraham Stoker 10 63 13
Mark Wittmeyer "NEURO" 9 78 10
Mustafa Nadir "CYRUS" 7/15 39 10 Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Thomas Crocker "WHETSTONE" 10 64 14 XXX
(KIA) Simon Elliott "CAYENNE" 0 48 6
Dennis Kosumi "BLUEJAY" 12/13 25/40 10 XXX Paranoia
Wren Davies "SKADI" 6 44 11 XXX
Joseph Sulaweyo "SPIRAL" 10 38 6 Hypnophobia


Abraham Stoker, played by Bluenose
Mark Wittmeyer, played by AB
Mustafa Nadir, played by NoMessiah
Thomas Crocker, played by baffle mint
Simon Elliott, played by G0sp3l (KIA)
Dennis Kosumi, played by Atlictoatl
Wren Davies, played by Daxian
Joseph Sulaweyo, played by G0sp3l

Blank Investigator Sheet

Night at the Opera 1: Home

Operational Objectives

1. Determine whether the homicides of Dr. and Mrs. Hallstead were the result of an unnatural or extraterrestrial incursion.
2. If so, seal off the incursion and determine its extent.
3. Eliminate any incursion vectors.
4. Under no circumstances are individuals who do not possess Delta Green code word clearance to be provided or allowed to possess code word classified material.
5. Secure all vector-related technology.

Investigative Leads

Dr. Ronald Hallstead Coroner's Report
Mrs. Verna Hallstead Coroner's Report
Hallstead Police Report
Larabie Crime Scene Notes

Material to be Removed and Classified

Crime scene photos showing supernatural sigil

Important NPCs

Detective Tricia Larabie - lead local investigator on Hallstead murders, white female, age 35-45
Mrs. Baker - Mrs. Hallstead's mother and current guardian of the Hallstead children
Karee Hallstead - older Hallstead daughter, 11
Elizabeth Hallstead - younger Hallstead daughter, 7
Dr. Kevin Brice - Ron Hallstead co-worker
Dr. Uxbridge - Ron Hallstead supervisor
Dr. Samantha Rodriguez - Ron Hallstead co-worker
Susan Yee - Verna Hallstead friend/co-worker