Hope City Heroes

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Game Overview

Game Concept

A group of superheroes work to protect the people of Hope City and the world beyond from the forces of supervillainy (and also keep themselves healthy and happy).

Helpful Resources

Mechanical Game Information

Character Information

Hero Player Fate Points Stress 1 Stress 2 Stress 3 Consequences Notes
Dr. Doll (II) Unka Josh 3
Blitz Llayne 3
Wadjet squidheadjax 3
Fortuna Thorya 3
Shade kokopelli 4
Jayde Spyder Stormraven 3

Story Arc Information

Agency/Aliens Relationship Stress Track

[x] [2] [3] [x]

Scene Information

Hope City and its Surroundings

Important People


A supervillain with telepathic powers. Her real name is Meredith Gonzalez.

Before she was a villain she was recruited into the Agency by the Administrator to serve as an agent and spy. She was his most promising agentz the sky was the limit... until she went rogue and turned to a life of crime and espionage.

The Administrator eventually tracked her down and arrested her, placing her in prison. There are rumors that she gave birth to a son who then lived in a storage room inside the prison facility his entire life, but these are unconfirmed.

Councilwoman Amalija Edita

A local city official, generally on the 'other side' of the issues that the politicians Fortuna supports typically back.

Important Places


Hope City's very own super villain prison. Built atop a hill formed by a no longer used landfill, and thereby separated from most of the functional parts of the city, doesn't resemble a castle.

It looks like one of the 'new-style' federal buildings that resembles brutalist Soviet based architecture, what with all their security based design.

Security is tight, as you might expect, and they don't like people from the outside wandering around, including heroes. Or, perhaps, especially heroes.

Hyperion Theater

The Hyperion Theater is the city's highest profile theater and is frequently the location to movie premieres and other prestigious events. Red carpet processions involving celebrities can draw a crowd of hundreds of citizens maybe even up to a thousand.

  • The theater was attacked by giants and other fictional characters during the premier of Restoration of Spring: Volume XII of the New Empire Saga. This attack km was stopped by the famed Lioness, with the assistance of other local heroes.

Lost Hope

Hope City suffered massive destruction at some point in its past, either due to a natural disaster or a supernatural battle some time before 'modern' superheroes emerged. Hope City, as we know it today, was built upon the ruins of itself. Some of these underground ruins are still accessible.

Officially named Old Hope City, this semi-connected series of traversable areas has been dubbed Lost Hope by the city's youth, criminals and law enforcement.

  • Blitz has mapped out some of these sections and uses them to covertly enter and exit his 'den'... which is what he calls the utility closet in a basement that currently serves as his hideout.