Hope City Heroes: Shrike

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High Concept: Reformed Criminal with Scavenged Tech
Trouble: New To This Hero Thing
Other Aspects: Not Just A Pretty Face, Been Through Worse, Rage Against The Machine

Skills: +4: Burglary
+3: Will, Athletics
+2: Crafts, Deceive, Shoot
+1: Physique, Stealth, Notice, Fight

Powers: Gadgeteer
Synergies: Energy Blast (sonic blasters), Super Agility (jumpjet boots), Super Sense (sonar headset)

Theme: Technology

Special Effects: Inflict Condition, Extra Movement

Drawback: Deafened (Shrike is deaf without her sonar helmet; in contrast, sudden loud noises are overwhelming and disorienting when she is wearing it)

Collateral Damage: Charge Shot

Since I'm acrobatic, I get +2 when I attack with Fight so long as I have plenty of room to move
Since it takes one to know one, I get +2 when I defend with Empathy against people using Deceive to lie or hide something from me

Refresh: 3