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- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve

Horldore is a Easterner. He is a kinsman of Barstuhl, a few years older than the Commander, and the last of his original followers to remain; the others have died or made their own ways. Horldore is still in touch with a couple of the others, and meets them from time to time to drink and swap news.

Retainer 0

STR 13
WIS 10
DEX 15
CON 13
CHA 10

HP ?4
AC 3
MV 9"

Skill Scrounge +0 (knows how to quietly get hold of stuff through 'unofficial' networks; not sure if he is due a skill...)

1 Rucksack & Contents
2 Chain Armour
1 Shield
1 Battle Axe
1 Spear (Lance?)
6 ENC (light burden)