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The Black Isles. Black in Ven culture is a color of shame. Failure. Dishonor. This is the name commonly given to a land mass in the far north of known Shinari where the winters are longer and more cruel than elsewhere. The real names of these lands are as numerous as the failed colonies who’s skeletons adorn their shores.

Gryndil Steele. An ambitious Marque who has crossed too many to have an easy road to be named Duke. But that has never stopped an ambitious Ven. A clever Ven. And Gryndil is clever. He is going to tame these lands, remove the black from them and take what is his. More accurately he is going to find young nobles with more bravery than sense, more ambition than caution or just plain nowhere else to go, to go tame this land for him.

A secret meeting. A midwinter night. 5 ships leave port under cover of darkness, each carrying a noble to their new castle, a castle built on the ruined foundations of another’s failure. Will they prevail?


Drial Burghe (Armadillo)
Heywesh Tal (Nick the Nevermet)
Niassa Steele (palmedfire)
Ryandual Yvarai (m111)
Tomasz Mwrr (Delacroix)


Gryndil Steele - Marquis who has commissioned the Black Isle Barons.


For more information on how the Suaven impact this game, go to the Suaven page

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Spring Season

Game Year 1 (Year 203 of the Senate)

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