Hounds of Mandalay

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The Hounds of Mandalay are a pack of hounds of tremendous power.

Originally assembled in Chaos they had a long history as part of the rise and falls of houses in the politics of the Courts of Chaos. A story concerning them can be found here The Pad of Little Puppy Dog Feet-Tale of Fleece

How the group assembled is unknown. It has loss many members and added new ones over the vast stretches of time. Throught those years their leader was always Fleece. Its membership has been added to dynamically after Patternfall. At the Patternfall they fought for Chaos.

Sometime before the creation of Mandalay, Fleece's pack met Adrien. For unknown reasons they bonded and the pack came with Adrien and were present at the forging. Since then they have traveled widely in shadow in service to Mandalay. There are many lords in Chaos that are greatly angered at the seeming defection of these assets of Chaos's wars.


The greatest of the beasts is a strange wolf by any description. His fur is yellowish white, tightly curled, and soft to the touch. Though it has been centuries since his father just pet him. Such things are not done in Chaos. He resembles a sheep more than a sheep dog, though he would slay anyone who made the comparison in a way he understood.

Fleece is smart, cunning, and dictatorial. He leaves no doubt that he is leader of the pack. All of the others, except Bruiser, owe Fleece for their powers and their intelligence, having started their lives in the pack as his Named/Numbered creatures.

His shadow, Forest Green, is a rich place of green forests, clean waters, and available prey.

He approves or declines any deal made by Clipper or Ripper.


Her Wolf form is as a dirty black & brown beast, graying gracefully but ugly as a mongrel can be. She bears patches of white where wounds did not let the hair grow back in its normal color. The left side of its face is such a mark yet here patches also did not grow back fur, but are scared skin stretched taut over jaw, teeth, and brow. Its blue eyes are the color of the sky and its teeth are yellow and strong. Her human form is what horrified and saddens the court of Amber. She was once Dierdre but her experiences in the Abyss have changed her and she does not remember anything that occurred before the Abyss.

Time in the abyss is fluid. And so are powers. Somewhere in the Abyss Dierdre of Amber was split, allowing one part to be rescued by the Unicorn and another left in torment to be rescued by Fleece. One day there will be a reckoning.


Sleek, black & clean, swift. Horny. Third of the Pack. Was second for a long time but gladly stepped aside when Bruiser arrived. Tough and strong he manages the great pack that materializes at Fleece's call. A mighty fighter, cunning leader, and an amazingly fast runner. He may have a step above engine speed. He also is the commanding trainer of the vast pack of wolves that inhabits Forest Green.


Ripper is a fearsome beast, human in intelligence, by far the smartest of the pack. He is the Mage of the group. He changes into a human form to hang spells and maintain them. He tends to catch on fire because of a curse-Susceptible to fire. He has grown to enjoy the feeling of being on fire, and the smell of burned fur & flesh. He has rune-inscribed claws that do Extreme Damage and are unhealable except by extreme measures. He has a yellow Mandalay stone embedded in his right eyes that improves his magic further.

His human form is not very good, sort of a wolf's view of human. Face smooth, hair scruffy, indistinct features mark a doll-like human form. He could do better if he chose to but Fleece has told him not to do so. Despite his human form and his magical powers, one should never forget he is merely Fleece's mouthpiece.


This poor creature was terribly burned in an acid fire and never really healed right. Nearly completely devoid of fur, he suffers in cold climates but shapechanges to have red fur. He loses the red fur in times of trials.

For reasons others have not discovered items that confer protection from fire seem to lose their power when attached to him.



This creature is probably a wolf. It may not be. It can transport via smoke. Shapechange into gases. Become invisible at will. In gas-form can teleport up to 100 yards. Possibly the second smartest of the pack. Capable of a variety of shadow magic as well as Logrus sorcery. It always follows Bruiser and it came to the pack with her.


A very friendly, even lovable wolf. Mated to Snack. Tender is the custodian of Forest Green. He maintains things there while the pack is gone. He has human intelligence and manages human languages well.

Tender is strong, tough, and one of the best fighters in the pack. But he is kind, good hearted, and patient. He is a better manager of Forest Green then one of the attack pack. Still, he was one of the original N/N pack and shares fully in all proceeds of the pack.


Clipper frequently leaves the pack for extended periods of time. He seeks out stuff in shadows that can benefit the pack. Capable of human form as well as Ripper, he uses it far more frequently. He is responsible for making initial contacts for hiring, and consequently was the first to meet Adrian of Mandalay.


One of the the Triplets. Dunce is a powerful creature but it stupid. It nearly always attacks the same point either fang or Imp has, and if unable he follows Fleece, Ripper, or Dwarf.


One of the Triplets. Its fang teeth are very long and bear runic inscriptions.


One of the Triplets. It is the playful one of the three, though that does not make him cuddly. He has some kind of innate magical abilities that cause it to teleport to within yards of the Dunce or Fang.


Black with glowing green eyes. Frequently the first into buildings. Likes inside battles. This vicious creature is a growl away from violence at all times. He frequently picks fights with especially arrogant wolves amongst the followers. He is short tempered, stupid, and evil. Raid was once lost in the abyss for years, and fought his way out. He came out mean, tough, with glowing green eyes. He has not really been right in the head since. Frequently acts alone on Fleece's orders, as an assassin or assault leader.


Snack was nearly completely eaten by mice once and now hates them with a bloody passion. Tossing a mouse at her will scare him away for a few seconds but she will come back, pissed. She is Tender's mate now but was Fleece's before the coming of Bruiser, who kicked her ass good and solidly to usurp her place. She and Bruiser still do not get along. Being Tender's mate is good for her because she no longer travels with the pack. She was a mother wolf to several of Fleece's pups. Each of Fleece's 5 offspring was the sole pup of a litter. Four have since died. Only one still lives.


Gagdia-called Gadget, is the Daughter of Fleece and Snack. She has spent much of her time traveling shadow. She bears the Mark of Mandalay but does not spend much time in the realm.


Brown with patches of white, speckled. Small, little bigger then large wolves. Dwarf has human intelligence but has a greater understanding of battle then most (Has pips in Warfare).

He is the scout and often the first on the scene of conflict since he is often mistaken for a wolf. Dwarf tends to eat and fight at the same time