House Sellinger

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The Valley of Cradles

House Sellinger

  • Cousin Estrebin, a maker of leathergoods.
  • His wife (Acerby)a patient and long suffering soul.
  • Genti, the apprentice.
  • Dolin the housemaster, who has seen better days.
  • Kighe the cook, former mercenary and a whiz with a knife.
  • Ornin, visiting homesteader from Pavis county, cousin.

Clan Sellinger


  • Orvun Sellinger +- Yanca Delmin [grandam]

[2 sisters] - [1 brother]


  • Orvus [Uncle] +-Ishenna [Aunt-Godi] - Arnce [Father]+ - Verias [Uncle-clanhead]

Current generation.

  • Drospin [Arnce]
  • Arvin [Ishenna]
  • Ishi [Ishenna]
  • Galeta [Ishenna]
  • Estribin [ Orvus]
  • Chelia [Verias]
  • Drogos [Verias]

This is immediate family - there are many ‘cousins’ on farms in Pavis county and some in farmers quarter and oldtown. All in all, clan Sellinger could claim 200-250 adults by distant ties.

Edit: + means no longer living. Verias is clanhead by succession, but has parcelled out most responsibility to Drospin [New Pavis], Drogos [Real City] and Arvin [Pavis county].