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This is a Play-by-Post game for Exalted using the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying system, GMed by Dawgstar.

Relevant Links[edit]

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The Student Body[edit]

The Players[edit]

Cynis Emma - Played by OldKentuckyShark
Cathak Shien - Played by Silent Wayfarer
Peleps Manain - Played by etu
Tepet Misava - Played by Shawn_Hagen
Ledaal Anothis - Played by Phantom Grunweasel
Nellens Tsfaradea - Played by Advocate

Other Students[edit]

Cynis Naruko - Queen of the class.
Peleps Liana - Naruko's attack dog.
Ragara Vero - Richer than somebody really rich.
V'neef Akela - Disaffected loner. Maybe.
The Mnemon Bros - BROS!
Tepet Moru - Would-be avenger of his House.
Nellens Kaiyo - Future Big Damn Hero.
Sesus Rorga - Surly jock.
Cathak Naylon - Wunderkind of the Cathak. Just ask him.
Ledaal Kora - Troublemaker and rebel.

The Faculty[edit]

Cathak Corvus - The Headmaster
Ledaal Tamra - Espionage/Unorthodox Tactics Instructor
Ragara Temok - Philosophy Instructor
Sesus Jainee - Tactical Application of Magitech/Basic Artificing Instructor
Mnemon Risica - Martial Arts Instructor
Cathak Branus - Field Tactics Instructor
Sesus Varnus - Weapons Training Instructor
Silken Wind - Student Counselor


Tepet Ejava - The Roseblack
Tsurugi - Goddess of Crimson Destiny