House of Seven Winds - Kalou Xie

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Character: Kalou Xie

Jianghu Rank: 1

Refresh: 1



High Concept: Winter Taught Warrior (Xie has been taught by the winter wind, and knows the Winter Gale form. She does not feel the cold of winter, and the heat of summer cannot touch her.)

Invoke: With uses of Winter Gale, or resisting environmental factors.
Compel: Winter Gale is a chaotic and elemental form, which many sifus will not acknowledge. Respect does not come readily, and the very chaos can sometimes be troublesome for Xie or her allies.

Trouble: I want to trust my mother (The only people that Xie is sure of in her clan are her sisters. They, she knows, are enemies. She wants to believe that her mother is busy. She will often trust where trust might be dangerous, in hopes that she can get the needed attention. She fears learning that her mother knows she lives and does not care.)

Phase One: Esoteric Education (Between what she learned before, and what the wind has taught her, Xie knows many things that may surprise others.)

Invoke: A bonus to Lore when recalling information of any type, knowing the names of scholars all over.
Compel: Some of what she knows, others don't want known. Some, the gods themselves might prefer she not know.

Phase Two: Eldest Daughter of the Kalou Qièzéi (Xie is the heir apparent of the Kalou, and can, if she's careful, call on some of their resources and some assistance. She may even be able to find those who are truly loyal.)

Invoke: To get a bonus on Contacts or Resources when using her position, To get a bonus on Lore or other rolls predicated on knowing what the Kalou will do.
Compel: When her sister's agents become aware of her, or a loyal clan member accidentally disseminates the information.

Phase Three: The Wind Taught me - and I, I understood. (Xie is, justifiably, proud of her intellect, knowing how few people could have learned from the wind as she did. She knows that her intellect is useful for much more than she's done so far.)

Invoke: For a bonus when pure intellect can aid a roll, for a bonus when creating advantages based on understanding and perception.
Compel: When her arrogance, innocent or not, causes trouble, when she misjudges and assumes that she's read things correctly.


Great (+4) Chi

Good (+3) Fight, Lore

Fair (+2) Athletics, Notice, Will

Average (+1) Contacts, Deceive, Physique, Resources


Physical O O O

Mental O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _____________________

Severe [6]: _______________________

Kung Fu:

Winter Gale Form

Form Aspect: (Re-named from Storm Dragon) Winter Gale Kung Fu is devoted to balancing attack and defense, persistence and restraint. Flowing, fluid defenses lead into strong kicks and fist techniques and locks, throws, and holds let the Stylist dictate the tempo and range of most battles.


  • Snow Covers All: (Dragon Rules the Fields) When you succeed with style on an attack, gain a boost—with a +3 bonus instead of the usual +2 — without reducing the value of your attack.
  • Wind Travels where it will: (Dragon Rules the Heavens) Use Chi instead of Athletics in rolls involving entering zones or preventing others from doing so. Apply a +2 bonus if both Athletics and the selected Skill are the same rank or Athletics is greater.
  • Hide in Winter Mist: (Dragon Sleeps in Mist) When you succeed with style on a defense, you may reduce the result by 1 to gain 2 Armor Rating against the next attack in the scene that strikes you in addition to the normal boost.
  • Gale rips at the roots: (Storm shakes the foundations) When creating an advantage, you may trade free invocations to remove free invocations from another character’s advantage.
  • Wind screams from afar: (Storm rumbles in Distance) Make a Fight or Athletics roll with a +2 bonus to create an advantage based on controlling or redirecting momentum. If you move at least 1 zone as part of this action, or your opponent has moved at least 1 zone as part of their last action, gain a +3 bonus instead.
  • Gale surrounds the tallest tree: (Storm flows around the mountain) If a target uses Full Defense in combat against you, gain a +2 bonus to your next attack against them. You gain this bonus regardless of whether their Full Defense succeeds or not.


Move the wind, move yourself Use Chi in place of Fight when using Winter Gale Form

I have walked unhindered in the strongest gale Ignore environmental obstacles of +2 or lower strength that stem from weather or weather related effects.

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