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What “impossible” thing are you attempting to achieve in the City Beneath?
Ezekiel is trying to find another of the temporal paradox devices so that he can retro-engineer it. Clearly this is a technology that needs to be reintroduced to the masses.
What’s the first step on your journey?
Accidentally triggering the device that killed him the first time while trying digging through strange mechanisms he found in the vermissian.
Choose another player character. They’ve been invaluable in your journey so far. What have you learned from them?
( smilingbandit2 smilingbandit2 ) Maldwyn's quest for the Train to Yesterday gave him the first clue to what it was that that he encountered and where he might find another one of those mechanisms that's still in working order.
Choose another player character. You know they’re hiding secrets from you – why do you suspect they’re doing this?
( Esker Esker ) The Plum Blossom's Glow is definitely after something here in the Heart that he hasn't divulged yet. Ezekiel has seen him staring off into space and sketching strange symbols. Probably whatever he seeks is too horrific to confess to his companions. Which is fine, as long as it's not going to get in the way of finding a temporal paradox engine.

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