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Ezekiel Cain Ezekiel was killed by a temporal paradox device while trying to find a piece of technology to try to retro-engineer. It knocked a bit of him out of sink with reality or time. And that part died and now haunts him.

The death is Ezekiel's own form, but mangled by something nearby. Like he might catch it out of the corner of his eye impaled on some spikes or hanging by the neck from wires overhead.

I think it appears in moments of stress or danger, possibly playing out bad things that could happen to him or silently following bearing the marks of injuries that he might sustain. It gets closer and more visible the more stress/blood fallout he has as starts to converge with the doom it predicts.




What “impossible” thing are you attempting to achieve in the City Beneath?

Ezekiel is trying to find another of the temporal paradox devices so that he can retro-engineer it. Clearly this is a technology that needs to be reintroduced to the masses.

What’s the first step on your journey?

Accidentally triggering the device that killed him the first time while trying digging through strange mechanisms he found in the vermissian.

Choose another player character. They’ve been invaluable in your journey so far. What have you learned from them?

( smilingbandit2 smilingbandit2 ) Maldwyn's quest for the Train to Yesterday gave him the first clue to what it was that that he encountered and where he might find another one of those mechanisms that's still in working order.

Choose another player character. You know they’re hiding secrets from you – why do you suspect they’re doing this?

( Esker Esker ) The Plum Blossom's Glow is definitely after something here in the Heart that he hasn't divulged yet. Ezekiel has seen him staring off into space and sketching strange symbols. Probably whatever he seeks is too horrific to confess to his companions. Which is fine, as long as it's not going to get in the way of finding a temporal paradox engine.


Echo +1




Core Abilities

Death Follows Close You never knew anyone could love you as much as your own death. You are followed around by a manifestation of your death that is invisible and intangible to everyone but you – although when you are on the verge of dying, or in places that resonate heavily with death and sorrow, it might be visible to others. The exact appearance of it is up to you. The first time each session you suffer Major Blood, Mind or Fortune fallout, your death manifests to protect you and inflicts D8 stress on whatever caused the fallout.

Enter the Grey You know the trick of stepping sideways into the Grey: the space between the worlds of the living and the worlds of the dead. Roll Delve+Religion to enact this ritual. It takes around ten minutes of preparation.(For more information on travelling and surviving the Grey, see p. 169.) Exiting the Grey is a simple enough task for a Deadwalker and those they ferry across; it’s a Delve+Religion roll for anyone else.

Major Abilities


Minor Abilities

Tattered Soul

Absorbed Memories

Grim Reaper



Active Beats

Take Minor Mind Fallout

Flee from combat or other dangerous situation or hide until it blows over.

Fulfilled Beats









Bag of interesting teeth (d6, Desolate)


Hunting Rifle (Kill d6, Extreme Range, Reload)