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Third generation Heartborn Human
Solvieg was raised on the outskirts of derelictus by an old hound, who taught her the way of the gun. She had learned most of what he had taught, when an aelfir and a pack of gnolls burst in. The hound killed them to a man, but was mortally wounded. Solvieg, enraged, snagged his gun and put two rounds into the wounded aelfir, killing him. The hound told her to grab his pack and leave; She didnt want to, but she did. As she left, a badge attached to her shirt and voila, a hound
What incorrect assumption do people most often make about you?- just cause i got a pretty face does not mean im defenseless <br>
Which three images, symbols, people or creatures do you repeatedly see when you dream? i see a broken revolver, a painting, drawn in blood of a sword impacting flesh, and a catlike beast with needle-sharp fangs<br>
What signs do you look for to recognise where the Heart is strongest? The telltale whump-whump of blood in my ears<br>
You recently witnessed an unearthly sight withanother player character. Who was it, what happened and how did they react?
the sight was a giant tentacle splintering the earth like a hot knife through butter, i was awed, and they hauled ass<br>
Your connection to the Heart has touched you in some way. How does that manifest? my ears have migrated to the top of my head and become catlike<br>
Blood <br>
Mind <br>
Echo +1 <br>
Fortune <br>
Supplies +1 <br>
Blood <br>
Mind <br>
Echo <br>
Fortune <br>
Supplies <br>
==Core Abilities==
In the Blood <br>
In the Thick of It <br>
==Major Abilities==
Forewarned and Forearmed <br>
==Minor Abilities==
Kill Count <br>
Round the Next Corner <br>
Quartermaster Training <br>
=Active Beats=
Take minor Echo Fallout (Minor) <br>
Establish a bond with a hearts-blood beast (tier 2 or deeper)(Major) <br>
==Fulfilled Beats==
Hunt <br>
Kill <br>
Delve <br>
Bottle of Rotgut Liquor (Haven, d6) <br>
Repeater Sidearm (Kill d6, Ranged, Brutal, Reload) <br>
Knife (Kill d6) <br>

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