Husbaleve: Dockside

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- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve

This district is all that remains under the control of humanity and the original Husbaleve counsel control. It has held fast for several decades as the humanoids have turned on themselves and balkanized the remainder of the city. The seawall has been reinforced as a protective wall so that this area has been stable and relatively safe for some years.

A few years prior the Arnguay River, the city's primary source of fresh water, was polluted and became undrinkable. This appears to have not been done by those who occupy the city as they are unable to drink the water either. Some time before that, the keep that sets on Oroware Isle, in the bay, was lost. It is now occupied by undead who block passage of ships into the harbor.

The lack of access to the Kerrol Sea for supplies, and the lack of a gate to farmland to the north, along with the lack of fresh water has left this last holdout in a crisis. Something must be done, or the city will not survive another year.

Places of Interest


  • Azra Ersin Head of the Ersin family, the wealthiest and most influential family in the city.
  • Rigar Doruk Head of the Doruk family, one of the leading families of the city.
  • Mineh Red elf, advisor to Amrandir and cousin to Laleh
  • Orlop the Tailor Tailor to the conservative upper middle class of Husbaleve; made ponchos to order for the Black & Blues at Azure Sky's request.
  • Ugarit an-Doruk Priest of Miniscus the Traveller, affiliate member of the Doruk family, one of the leading families of the city.


The great city of Husbaleve lies on the western coast of the Kerrol Sea. It was once a great trading city, but several generations back invading creatures from the mountains to the west descended on the city. Humanity fought a slow, grinding holding action against the monsters, having only retained the warehouse and docks below the seawall. For a couple of generations, humanity has set up and lived in this area as the monsters turned their interests on each other. The guilds and great families of the city (with imported wealth) have nurtured and developed their best and brightest with the hopes of retaking their city. Your characters are that hope.

Dockside Map Labeled.png


  • Red Line is makeshift wall. Yellow is gate.
  • MM: Modest Moon Inn
  • EB: The Excited Boulder
  • TP: The Thirsty Plum
  • DGW: Dirsten's General Wares Shop
  • HH: The Happy Hobo Odds and Ends Shop
  • BA: The Brass Armadillo Armors and Weapons Boutique
  • BE: Dockside Blue Moon Monastery
  • RE: Dockside Red Moon Enclave
  • MA: Dockside Markem Shrine
  • MI: Dockside Miniscus Shrine