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- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve

Houserule: Abilities/skills.

These are resolved on a 2d6 plus attribute bonus and skill bonus. I use the Reaction Table to resolve these as follows.

  • 12+ Critical Success
  • 9-11 Full Success
  • 6-8 Partial Success - usually success with a higher than desired cost, but expected cost
  • 3-5 Failure
  • 2- Fumble

Common Skills:

Anything a skilled, experienced, successfully adventure can do is a common skill, such as riding a horse, climbing a wall, finding food in the wild, sneaking around, noticing important things, etc. All characters are competent at all of these and have a default skill of 0 in them. This means a direct roll on the table for anything akin to this that comes up and requires a roll. If you pick a Common Skill to improve you get a bonus of +1 to the rolls for it, perhaps more later.

Professional Skills:

Skills that require training to get to a base level, usually professional trade skills such as smithing, accounting, or similar. These would include skills like picking locks, picking pockets, alchemy, or similar classic adventuring skills. One skill point will start you at a base zero skill. Attempting these unskilled, its -4 on your roll. This does mean that there's some decent chance that a high Strength, untrained character could simply bend iron with some tools to make a crude horseshoe, or that a very Dexterous character could manage to pick a lock unskilled, or similar.

These are just meant to codify how we handle these and give characters a little bit of differentiation. You get 1 skill point to start with to improve a Common Skill to 1 or start a Professional Skill. I don't have a list, so just ask if you have questions.