I Bless the Rains Down In Eiphoria:Ikko the Crow

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Ikko the Crow(level 1)

  • Goal: Reform the land with a re-invigorated teaching of the law and bring justice to the people, also become Abbot at some point..
  • Height: 6'4" / Weight: 140 lbs.


  • Monk from an unremarkable but respectable family
  • Sent to a monastery to learn self control and temperature control, but had a religious awakening as a novice.
  • His Abbot is delighted at his spiritual progress and remarkable abilities, and has sent him out on a pilgrimage across Eiphoria that is all about learning how suffering and injustice are the lot of the common man, and in now way an excuse to get him out of his (nonexistent) hair for awhile.


Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Modifier + + + 0 + +


Total Free
Effort 2 2
Influence 2 2 Earned per Month
Dominion 0 0 0
Wealth 0

Saving Throws

Base Mod Armour Penalty Final Save
Hardiness 15 -3 0 11
Evasion 15 -1 0 14
Spirit 15 -1 0 14

Hit Points

Current Maximum
11 11


  • AC: 2
  • Type: Body of Iron Will


  • Base Attack Bonus: +1
  • Fray Die: 1d8
Description Attribute Attack Bonus Range Damage
Fists of Black Iron Strength +5 Melee 1d12+4 (if both hands free)/1d10+4 (if not)




Con to 18, does not need to eat, drink, sleep or breathe

  • Body of Iron Will
  • Defy the Iron


Str to 19, Lift or break anything humanly possible to handle

  • Fists of Black Iron
  • Thews of the Gods


Shed daylight at will up to 200', Cannot be blinded or have vision impaired, invincible vs fire

  • Purity of Brilliant Law


Several years ago, a city was devastated when a great fire swept through it, raging for days. Once the flames had died down, a group of Toban monks arrived to pray for the souls of the dead, and discovered a young girl miraculously still alive among the rubble of a collapsed building. The girl had no memory of who she was, and the monks took her in at their monastery.

The girl swiftly proved to be a martial arts prodigy, and all at the monastery were amazed at how swiftly her skills grew. Within three years, her skills surpassed even those of the most revered masters. Just as extraordinary as her abilities was her appearance - her skin and hair turned to a metallic golden sheen, and even clothing she wore became the same color in a matter of days. Due to this, the monks named her "Little Golden Sun".

As she surpassed her masters, Little Golden Sun heard stories of other powerful beings appearing in the world from travellers who stopped by the monastery. Also, she began to feel constrained by monastery life, not helped by her discovery that the lama was raking in money from the pilgrims who had come to see her. Consulting her sifu about this, she was told, "The sun is not meant to stay in one place, but to travel so that the whole world may see its light". Feeling she could learn more, and face more challenging opponents, outside of the monastery, she set out into the world...

  • Appearance: Little Golden Sun is a young girl of Dailumbai or Toban appearance (apart from the golden metallic hue of her skin and hair), no more than eleven years old (and short and thin for her age). Her hair is in a ponytail reaching to just below her shoulders, and she wears a sleeveless shirt and pants of a simple design, with no shoes, of the same golden metallic hue as her skin. Apart from her clothing, her only other possession is a metal and glass box that she carries strapped to her back. The box is easily large enough to fit a grown man inside, and is designed to focus the sun's rays and become scorching hot. The monasteries sometimes use these to test monks' mastery of their skills by seeing how much they can endure, or to torture those they deem deserve punishment. Little Golden Sun uses it to meditate in.
  • Personality: Little Golden Sun radiates childish, bright innocence. Although she loves pushing her body to its considerable limit, particularly by fighting, she will only kill if she has no other option, and against lesser foes always uses minimal force, in order to ensure they are only knocked out. Indeed, she seems to love all people and living creatures, and will always make time for the poor and less fortunate if she can.