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Race: Orc<br>
Race: Orc<br>
Class: Hunter<br>
Class: Hunter<br>
Level: 12<br>
Level: 13<br>
Guild: [[Blacksky Company]]
Guild: [[Blacksky Company]]

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Gorahkar - Kirin Tor server

Player: Iceberg3k
Race: Orc
Class: Hunter
Level: 13
Guild: Blacksky Company


Primary Professions

  • Leatherworking: Journeyman
  • Skinning: Journeyman

Secondary Professions

  • Cooking: Apprentice
  • Fishing: Apprentice
  • First Aid: Apprentice


Gorahkar was a young hunter of the Frostwolf clan, who followed the warchief Thrall across the sea. He was too young during the Third Great War to play a part in the Battle of Mt. Hyjal, and he saw many of his clansmen, including his father, fall that day.

The young hunter worked and fought under an Orcish master hunter, Mar'esh Redsky, learning everything his master had to teach. Not long ago, Mar'esh sent him to the Valley of Trials, to prove himself as a full-fledged member of the Horde. The regimental strictures of life as a soldier of the Horde began, however, to chafe upon him and soon he sought the freedom to make his own way in the world. With his companion tiger, Gorahkar joined the tauren Blackbraid in reforming the Blacksky Company.


  • Hobbes, lvl 12 Durotar Tiger


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