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Ara - Denotes a fermented alchoholic drink when used alone, but is more often used as a suffix in combination with the food source from which it was made, such as Indara (lemon alchohol) or Kavara (wine).

Az - The color blue.

Ere - Male heir, or first son.

Gu - This is a general word for sauce of any type. If more than two types of sauce are served with a meal then the specific type of sauce such as Jingu or Indgu.

Habra - This word refers to the human body, but is also used to describe of martial combat used in the military and in sport where various body parts are used as weapons.

Imes - The son of Urgal, who in Ilkarian mythology was the first ruler of the Ilkarians and was appointed by his father Urgal. All Ilkarian rulers trace their line back to Imes and Urgal except the "Sons of Uru" who now claim they are descended from the God Uru.

Ind - A lemon.

Indara - A lemon liquor made locally in Ilkaria.

Isinn - The direction North.

Jin - A generic term for fish.

Kava - A Grape.

Kavara - Wine, fermented grapes.

Kromori - An ancient Ilkarian word that translates as "savage man". It is often used as an insult or a rebuff when someone is acting innapropriately or without manners. It is also used as a general term for all non Ilkarians.

Libalens - The merchant, artisan and craftsman caste of Hellianoptis.

Ula - Translates as water but is also used to denote bodies of water and is often used as the word "Sea" is in English. The word Ula is commonly believed to be an archaic name for the goddess Halil.

Politri - Refers to members of the noble class and royal family with the exception of the Imesere himself. The word is though to have derived from the name of the brother of the fifth Imesere of Hellianoptis.

Sis - The Alkarian word for the number eight.

Udago - The name of the small island located just north of the island of Ilkaria, it is considered to be part of Ilkaria though it is a seperate island.

Urgash - To hew or chop, also a large chopping sword used in the military.

Vala - To judge.

Valen - Those who judge.

Vor - Calm, gentle or tranquil.