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'''Name:''' Ilse Baumhauer is a character in JerekKruger's [[WFRP_The_Enemy_Within|The Enemy Within]] campaign.
'''Name:''' Ilse Baumhauer is a character in JerekKruger's [[WFRP_The_Enemy_Within|The Enemy Within]] campaign.

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Name: Ilse Baumhauer is a character in JerekKruger's The Enemy Within campaign.

Race: human Current Career: Roadwarden Previous Careers: None
Height: 5’9” Weight: 145lbs Eyes: Grey Blue Hair: Corn
Age: 24 Distinguishing Features: Broken Nose Siblings: None Star Sign: The Dancer

Main WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
Starting 31 32 36 29 33 34 30 31
Advance +10% +10%* +5% - +10% +5% +5% -
Current 31 37 36 29 33 34 30 31
Secondary A W SB TB M Mag IP FP
Starting 1 13 3 2 4 0 0 3
Advance - +2 - - - - - -
Current 1 13 3 2 4 0 0 3

Skills: Animal Care (Int), Common Knowledge (Empire) +10% (Int), Drive (Str), Follow Trail (Int), Gossip (Fel), Navigation (Int), Outdoor Survival (Int), Perception (Int), Ride (Ag), Search (Int), Speak Language (Reikspiel) (Int)

Talents: Hardy (+1 Wd), Quick Draw (ready as free action), Specialist Weapons Group (Gunpowder), Very Strong (+5 S)

Weapons: Hand Weapon (d10+SB), Pistol (d10+4), Dagger (d10+SB-3)

Armor: Mail Shirt, Leather Jack, Leather Leggings, Shield

Equipment: 18 Firearm Balls and Gunpowder, 10 Yards of Rope, Common clothing (shirt, breeches), Riding boots, Wide-brimmed hat, Cloak, Dress (spare clothes), Backpack, Blanket, Tankard, Cutlery set, Purse (12gc 10/- )

Ilse's upgraded her cloak and boots from the starting equipment category - those things are important, and tattered/worn out ones won't do! Her shield bears a silver eagle on a blue background, a symbol of her heritage (the blue and silver of Middenland) and faith (Myrmidia).

Background: Ilse's the only child of two merchants, born near the outskirts of Middenheim. An active child, she wound up having an aptitude for riding, and ultimately compromised with her parents on becoming a roadwarden, after refusing to enter her mother's business.

Relations with other PCs: Ilse knows Reiner from her days as a roadwarden. They struck up a friendship, and she happened to be travelling with him when his coach had a catastrophic accident.

Ilse doesn't know Elise too well, but respects the hell out of her for being dead hard, and getting out of a bad situation at home.

She hasn't formed an opinion on either Konrad or Franz yet.

Expenditures: 9/- for a full meal and a bottle of table wine at the Coach and Horses

Combat: Ilse has slain two mutants.