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|Anti-materiel rifle
|Anti-materiel rifle
|High (+1)
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|Long arm
|Long arm

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Weapon Characteristics[edit]

These are standardized weapon rules and options for this Fate of Cthulhu setting. For actual Weapon Types, see the table at the end.

Range signifies range beyond the same zone - so, a sidearm can shoot into the next zone. Guns can shoot one zone beyond their standard range, but at a -4 penalty.


  • Light: -1 shift to Stress/Consequences
  • Standard: 0 shift to Stress/Consequences
  • High Power: +1 shift to Stress/Consequences
  • Heavy: +2 shift to Stress/Consequences


  • Compact: +1 to Stealth tests, +2 to create surprise
  • Sidearm: 1 zone range
  • Short arm: 2 zones range
  • Long arm: 3 zones range, -1 in same zone
  • Sniper: 4 zones range, -1 in same zone
  • Mounted: 4 zones range, -1 in same zone


  • Single shot: 1 target per round
  • Burst: 1 target per round, 1 die maximized; divide shifts between 2 adjacent targets; ammo rate x 3
  • Full auto: multiple targets per round; divide shifts between targets in arc; ammo rate x 10
  • Scattershot: 1 die maximized, same shifts to all adjacent targets, -1 zone range


Ammo capacity is provided for players and GMs who want to get very exact about this point. However, after 5 successive rounds of burst fire or full auto/suppressive fire, GMs or players can always compel the Out of Ammo aspect, taking 1 round to reload unless bought off with a Fate point.


  • Sniperscope: +2 to Attack after 1 round wait to line up; range 1 extra zone
  • Penetrative: -1 to target armour
  • Suppressive fire: successful CA creates barrier to movement in zone/s in front; number of shifts = Difficulty vs Athletics
  • Stunning: attacks stun only
  • Flame: success with style ignites target; suppressive fire


Weapons can be modded, for additional Stunts or other advantages, by the right Crafts or Engineering roll.

Explosives and Grenades[edit]

These are rules for explosives and grenades with typical devices.


Explosions produce a single area effect Attack against all targets within the same zone. The Attack strength in shifts depends on the strength/yield of the explosion. The Attack shifts reduce by -4 for each succeeding zone: so, a +6 bomb going off in one zone can still inflict a +2 Attack on targets in the adjacent zone.

All targets Defend separately against the Attack, usually with Athletics. This represents diving for cover, taking shelter, etc. Success with style also indicates that the target has escaped into the next zone, taking a lower damage result.

Explosives fans need to be careful not to get caught in their own blast radius, but unless actually holding the device, get the same Defend chance as anyone else.


Grenades use two rolls: one to get the grenade into the same zone as the target/s; and one as the grenade's Attack. The first roll is a simple Overcome (with Athletics or Shoot) against a Difficulty set by the GM - e.g. +2 for a group of easy targets close together and all in the open; +4 for an uphill shot against targets dispersed in rocky crags in poor light, etc. Once the grenade has been placed, it functions as a conventional explosive for the actual Attack roll.

Thrown grenades work on a short fuse, so instead of dodging, targets can also try to throw them back. This is an Athletics roll against Difficulty +5, though, and failure means the target takes the full Attack, no chance to Defend.

Other types of grenade exist as well as explosives. Some typical ones are detailed below. Most, when they have Attacks, impose very different Stress and Consequences on targets; others Create Advantages.

Grenade Types

  • Frag grenade: +6 area Attack
  • Launcher grenade: +6 area Attack; standard weapon-fired grenade
  • Gas grenade: CA creates Gas-Filled Zone aspect (properties vary)
  • Concussion grenade: +6 area Attack; Consequences Concussed
  • Incendiary grenade: +6 area Flame Attack; CA creates Zone On Fire aspect
  • Smoke grenade: CA creates Smokescreen aspect; compel against Attacks, invoke for Stealth

Weapon Types[edit]

Weapon Power Format Modes Range Stunts Ammo
Holdout pistol Light (-1) Compact Single 1 Stealth +1, auto surprise 6
Automatic pistol Standard Sidearm Single 1 15
Revolver Standard Sidearm Single 1 6
SMG Standard Short arm Single, burst 2 30
Shotgun High (+1) Short arm Single, burst (double) 1 6(2)
Assault rifle High (+1) Short arm Single, burst 3 30
Automatic rifle High (+1) Long arm Single, burst 4 20
Bolt-action rifle High (+1) Long arm Single 4 5
Anti-materiel rifle Heavy (+2) Long arm Single 4 Penetrative 10
Flamethrower Standard Long arm Full auto 1 Flame; suppressive fire 10
LMG High (+1) Mounted Burst, full auto 4 Suppressive fire 100
MMG Heavy (+2) Mounted Burst, full auto 4 Suppressive fire 200