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The Interregnum and the Repair refer to the two periods that occurred after the death of Eric.
The ''''' Interregnum''''' is the period starting at the death of King Eric on the slopes Kolvir and ending when Oberon sent his children to fight the Battle of Patternfall while he attempted to repair the damaged primal patter.
King Eric had been directing the battle from the slopes of Kolvir and was repeatedly overrun.  In the end he made extensive use of the lightning powers of the Jewel of Judgment to attack ground forces and the power to nullify sorcery. Wounded, and dying, the forces of Amber were saved by the sudden arrival of Prince Corwin with a force of assault weapon armed infantry.  Dispersing the gunnery infantry troops was the final straw that forced Chaos to retreat to the Black Road. Eric then died a hero's death on the Kolvir, surrounded by
Corwin's forces gave him a powerful bodyguard force and his siblings essentially gave command of Amber to him. Unofficially Corwin is considered by court historians to have served an unofficial Regency and is listed as Regent in the Line of kings.  He oversaw the aftermath of the battle and dealt with the defense of Amber and was essentially acknowledged as King of Amber.  Yet during the month after the battle Corwin had not been crowned.  The Black Road war was rushing on and Corwin had a series of his own troubles as detailed in his chronicles. 
Suddenly Oberon returned to Amber.  Obviously everyone saluted and let him take over. 
He organized things and got the forces of Amber attacking the Black Road with orders to follow it to the Fane of Zilla. He sent Corwin to the Abyss the long way.  He then went to attempt to repair the pattern.  His last act before making the attempt was to summon Osric and Finndo from their places in shadow to Amber.
===Oberon's Last Court===
The last court of King Oberon was a small one with a few members of the family and court who had not already been given orders.  The galleries were filled with courtiers, guards, castle staff.
Oberon spoke quietly with a small group.  Prince Arloxedra, Prince Osric, Prince Finndo, Lady Elayne, Lord Truman, Allen Dormain-Kingdom Herald,Honosal Moir Tral-Ambassador of Rebma,  [[Dame Margot]], Dart of Hale, Ivor Venway-Chief Priest of the Unicorn, Ciprian Vitalijus-Chief Librarian, Paris Ashlurian-Mayor of the City of Amber, [[Tyler Smials]], [[Lady Ain Breakwithe-Smythe]], Dworkin, Lady Vialle, and three unknown people.  Three Elites and three soldiers.
He spoke quietly to them and they responded in course.  He handed the Crown of Amber to Dame Margot, the Scepter to Allen Dormain, his signet ring and the seal of Amber was given to Tyler, and a red jewel to Prince Finndo.  He then knighted the three soldiers and raised them to the Elites.
Exiting, he turned to Arloxedra and in the hearing of all told him to stay in the Library.
After that he, Dworkin, Ivor, Osric and Dame Margot left the throne room and Oberon was not seen again till he was placed on the caisson and taken to the Courts of Chaos.
=='''The Repair'''==
The '''''Repair''''' refers to 13 months of existence.  During this period was a wave of hysteria, euphoria, indulgence, fatalism, suicide, and behavior often referred to as "What i did during the Repair."
The Black Road war was won and Amber was safe as far as direct military attack from Chaos was concerned. 
King Eric was dead, Prince Corwin, serving unofficially as regant Seven Days passed during which the residents of Amber could feel the forces of Creation being called upon in unknown rituals in unknown places.  The existence of the Primal Pattern and its connection to Amber were state secrets at the time.
Once the wave of creation occurred in the east waters, and spread west eventually racing the Abyss at the Fane of Zilla there was a great deal of mirth.  A euphoria over surviving the end of the world. There was much frivolity.  There was some work done to repair the damage done the week before.
While many examples from popular culture can be found it is the occurrences in the Castle Amber that have become part of the of popular legends. 
*Dworkin, revealed as Oberon's father, led the funeral carriage with Oberon's body to the Courts of Chaos.
*Few of the Family members remained in Amber, rather then going to the Battle at the Abyss.  Known remainders were Prince Arloxedra, Son of Eric, Lord Martin, Son of Random & soon to be Crown Prince, Lady Elayne, daughter of Florimel, and Prince Osric & Prince Finndo.  The last two turned up without warning, established themselves in their apartments, and did little other then socialize.  Prince Arloxedra was essentially the highest ranking person with orders left in Amber.  He had been told by Oberon to stay in the Library.
*Prince Arloxedra and Lady Elayne is known to have walked the pattern during this time.
*It is rumored that several important prisoners escaped the dungeons of Amber.
===[[The Court of Queen Margot]]===
There are stories about Dame Margot drinking heavily and declaring herself Queen of Amber, wearing the crown of Amber and drinking from a gallon jug of Bayle's Gin.  She apparently lead a court of castle staff declaring themselves dukes and barons, and elderly knights.
This incident has been seen in the popular literature as a epic tale, and has been made in to fanciful tales, morality plays, songs, ribald fireside stories and other tales as a time of whimsy under a fun but inane queen.
[[Dame Margot]] does not speak of this time and wise people do not mention it to her.

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