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Class: Race: Alignment: Deity:
Ill/Rog/Fgt Human N Fharlanghn
Level: Size: Age: Gender:
3/1/1 (ECL5) M Mid 30s Male
Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair:
5' 9" 9st Hazel Blonde

STR 14 +2
DEX 14 +2
CON 12 +1
INT 17 +3
WSD 10 +0
CHA 12 +1
Hit Points
TOTAL wounds subdual
28 8 0
TOTAL dex other SPEED
+2 2 0 30f
Armor Class
FINAL = base + armor + shield + dex + magic + other spell failure armor check penalty
14 10 2 0 2 0 0 0 0

Battle Scores
MELEE = base + str + magic + other
+4 +2 +2 0 0
RANGED = base + dex + magic + other
+4 +2 +2 0 0
Saving Throws
TOTAL = base + stat + magic + other
FORT +4 3 +1 0 0
REFL +5 +3 +2 0 0
WILL +3 +3 0 0 0


Weapon Bonus Damage Critical Range Weight Size Type Special
Silveredge +5 1d6+2 15-20/x2 - - M P Keen rapier
MW Composite Longbow (+2 Str) +5 1d8+2 x3 120ft - L P


Armor Type Bonus Penalty Max Dex % Failure Speed Weight Special
Bracers of Armour +2 Magical +2 - - - 30ft

Feats & Special Abilities[edit]

Feat / Ability Description/Notes
Combat Casting +4 to Concentration checks when casting defensively
Dodge +1 to AC vs one opponent
Mobility +4 to AC vs Attacks of Opportunity
Stealthy +2 to Hide and Move Silently
Scribe Scroll Able to create scrolls
Sneak Attack +1d6
Familiar Cat


Skill Name Ability Skill Mod = Ability Mod + Ranks + Other
Bluff Cha +6 +1 +5
Concentration Con +5 +1 +4
Diplomacy Cha +3 +1 +0 +2
Hide Dex +10 +2 +6 +2
Intimidate Cha +3 +1 +0 +2
Kn (Arcana) Int +8 +3 +5
Kn (Dungeoneering) Int +5 +3 +2
Kn (Geography) Int +5 +3 +2
Kn (History) Int +6 +3 +3
Kn (Local) Int +6 +3 +3
Kn (Nobility) Int +4 +3 +1
Kn (The Planes) Int +5 +3 +2
Listen Wis +3 +0 +3
Move Silently Dex +10 +2 +3 +5
Sense Motive Wis +4 +0 +4

Spell List[edit]

Name Level Ready? Count Cast Time Range Save Description/Effect
0th Level Spells no Detect Magic x2, Read Magic, Light
1st Level Spells no Shocking Grasp x1, Disguise Self, Shield
2nd Level Spells no Invisibility, Ghoul Touch, Spectral Hand
Spells Per Day no 4/3+1/2+1
Spells Known 0 no All
Spells Known 1 no Shield, Obscuring Mist, Detect Secret Doors, Shocking Grasp, Disguise Self, Cause Fear, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall
Spells Known 2 no Invisibility, Minor Image, Ghoul Touch, Spectral Hand


Rod of Extend, Lesser Metamagic; Potion of Cure Light Wounds; Waterskin; Traveller’s outfit; 2x Torches; Flint and Steel; Hemp Rope




No Experience Assigned.


Iovidan stands under six feet tall but his lean frame makes him seem taller. His movements are whip-like, sharp and somehow economical. Long blond hair is usually tied back into a pony tail but sometimes hangs free in the wind. His features are plain but fairly well-arranged to give him a pleasant, if not terribly memorable appearance. He tends to dress in loose pants and shirt that allows him freedom of movement with a long, dark-red hooded cloak. Silveredge, his inherited rapier, hangs from his belt.


Although likeable and quick-witted, Iovidan is enigmatic and a natural liar. He doesn't so much avoid personal questions as make up the answers to them. Various different people have had various different lengthy and convoluted life stories about him and the only thing any of them can say for sure is that none of them know the truth of the matter. His manner is charming and easy but he can be frustrating to talk to as he is occasionally non-sensical and never terribly serious about anything. In terms of his long term goals and aspirations, he has never admitted to having any. He is a dedicated follower of Fharlanghn and walks a path of destiny. He claims to be able to see the patterns of fate and will often wander around, following these patterns and seeing what happens.


Ask Iovidan about his background and all you will get is a pack of lies. No-one except his mother knows where he came from or what made him the way he is but whatever the truth of it is, it must be weird.