Isaac Levi

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  • HEALTH: 10
  • SANITY: 10

MOTIVATION: Mystery MILITARY SERVICE: Peacetime Conscript DEPARTMENT: Archaeology REVELATION: Things Man Was Not Meant to Know HIT THRESHOLD: 3 PRONOUNS: he/his


  • Family (wife, Hélène Martin and infant son Jean-Marie) 2
  • Jacques Asaraf (army buddy, now possibly Mossad operative based in F 2
  • Jael Chabat (mistress, singer) 2

ABILITIES: ACADEMIC Anthropology 1 Archaeology 2 / Foreign Language 3 / Arabic Hebrew English History 2 / Library Use 2 / Medicine 1 / Military Science 1 / Occult 1 / The Unnatural 1 /

INTERPERSONAL Agency 2 / Flattery 1 / Inspiration 1 / Negotiation 1 / Reassurance 1 /

TECHNICAL Architecture 1 / Art 1 / Notice 1 / Pharmacy 1 / Photography 1 / Survival 1 /

GENERAL Athletics 4 / Bureaucracy 5 / Demolitions 5 / Drive 3 / Car Bus ? Firearms 7 / 0 First Aid 10 / Health 10 / Mechanics 4 / Melee Weapons 1 / Network 6 / Preparedness 3 / Sanity 10 / Sense Trouble 2 / 0 Stability 12 / Unarmed Combat 5 /

Fist, kick (-2) Pistol (+1)

Isaac Lévi is a Jewish-Algerian immigrant to France, and currently a graduate student in Archaeology at [a University]. As a younger man, when he started out in his military service (as a mandatory conscript) after basic training he was assigned to the transport division until one day, a French officer he was driving to an airbase noticed he was "bright" and arranged his transfer to the medical corps, where he received basic field medic training. After completing his military service, he left leaving Algeria to try make his way into academic life in France, specializing in the archaeology, history, and anthropology of (let's say?) the Maghreb and Near East.

Since coming to France, he married a French woman (Hélène Lévi (née Martin), a gentile) and started a family (one child, Jean-Marie) and has made an effort to reinvent himself as a Frenchman. That said, part of him keeps getting pulled back to his past: he recently reconnected with another Jewish-Algerian émigré friend in Paris who goes by Jacques Mercier; the friend's name back when they were serving as conscripts together was Jacques Asaraf, but Jacques claims he changed it to reduce the amount of racism he deals with; that said, Isaac is fairly sure it's a cover identity and his old friend is in fact a Mossad agent—something about recruiting academics, something about radical student politics, something about thwarting Algerian independence?).

Meanwhile, he has somehow gotten himself involved with a Jewish-Tunisian mistress who is a fellow émigré to Paris and now works as a nightclub singer. (I imagine her sort of being a connection to the Paris underworld; some mobster is a fan of her singing and frequents the club where she sings, and she sometimes is hired for birthday parties of organized crime outfits. This is all a kind of thrill for Isaac, though he suspects it's going to end up leaving his entire life in flames... and he's not sure that isn't why he got involved with her in the first place: he's bright enough to understand that if Hélène represents his desire to integrate into Paris life, the singer Jael somehow is in his life because he feels some kind of ambivalence about abandoning his past and completely remaking himself to suit life in France.)