Ishraal Sh'Treth

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Name: Ishraal Sh'Treth
Species: Andorian
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Environment: Another Species' World (Human)
Upbringing: Artistic and Creative (Accepted)
Assignment: Executive Officer
Traits: Andorian

Base Stress: 13


Control: 11
Daring: 10
Fitness: 9
Insight: 8
Presence: 11
Reason: 7


Command: 5
Conn: 3
Security: 4
Engineering: 1
Science: 1
Medicine: 2


Ambassador For My People
The Greatest Warrior Is She Who Fosters Peace
Diversity Is Resilience
Confound Expectations


Cultural Studies
Unarmed Combat
Small Unit Tactics
Hand Phasers


Proud and Honorable - Your personal integrity is unimpeachable, and you will not willingly break a promise made. Whenever you attempt a Task to resist being coerced into breaking a promise, betraying your allies, or otherwise acting dishonorably, you reduce the Difficulty by 1.
Bold: Command - Whenever you attempt a Task with that Discipline, and you buy one or more d20s by adding to Threat, you may re-roll a single d20.
Dauntless - Whenever you attempt a Task to resist being intimidated or threatened, you may add a bonus d20 to your dice pool.
Follow My Lead - Once per scene, when you succeed at a Task during combat or another perilous situation, you may spend one Determination. If you do, choose a single ally. The next Task that ally attempts counts as having assistance from you, using your Presence + Command.


Phaser-2: Damage 7. Charge, Size 1H
Unarmed Strike: Damage 5, Knockdown, Nonlethal
Ushan-tor: Damage 5, VIcious 1, Size 1H


Ishraal Sh'Treth was raised on the Federation colony world of Amantis VI, a joint colonization project among several member worlds. Amantis is a majority human world with local enclaves from the other founding worlds and rich cross-cultural expression, so Ishraal grew up with considerable exposure to other species and appreciation for their cultures.

Ishraal's parents are highly skilled carvers and ornamental woodcrafters, and she delighted in learning the craft and the art of sculpture as she grew up. While she is technically talented, the dedication to her Starfleet career have left it as more of a hobby to her than a true vocation, though she finds it a valuable aid to meditation when off duty.

While she owns an ushaan-tor, it's a family heirloom last used in anger by her great-grandfather; she keeps it in a display case and does not regularly keep in training with it, as she has her doubts about the cultural codes that it is tied to. Ishraal has something of a conflicted relationship with Ushan culture, as she regards it as an important underpinning of Andorian history, but one they need not be shackled by as they integrate further with galactic civilization. This attitude has left her with a certain degree of acrimony from her younger brother, Thavann, who is a dedicated adherent to the philosophy.

Conflict With a Hostile Culture

Ishraal served as an ensign on the USS Nautilus during the Dominion War and participated in the First Battle of Chin'toka. Following the battle she was assigned to ground pacification and counterinsurgency operations on the planet, seeing action in a variety of skirmishes in and around the planet's largest manufacturing center. While she did not play any pivotal role in this effort, it did bring her into contact not only with allied Klingon units and Cardassian opposition forces, but also with a variety of Cardassian civilian support workers and specialists. She came away from the assignment with a greater appreciation both for the warrior's ethic and for the waste and everyday tragedy that make war a thing to be prevented.

Required To Take Command

Ishraal's last assignment was as security chief on the USS Bellerophon, During a mission to extract the staff of a stellar research station in the Miseras system, the system's star entered an unstable flare cycle. The Bellerophon was severely damaged in an unforeseen flare which incapacitated the Captain and several senior staff, leaving Ishraal as ranking officer. She assumed command and was able to successfully evacuate the research staff and their crucial data and equipment without further loss of life, drawing on the abilities of the Bellerophon's other officers. This earned Ishraal a commendation and was central to her promotion to Lieutenant Commander at her next review.