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'''Pity this game didnt work out.  Im leaving this here to keep tinkering with it and maybe someday run it.''
This was the second arc of the [[Jeweled Amber]] game. 
'''Character Development'''          ''[[Jeweled Road and the War of Balance]]''
I am in the early stage of setting the game up but i know a few things for people interested in thinking character development.  For now I'll put that stuff here.
For players unfamiliar to Amber the books and Amber Diceless the game- Here is an interesting description of the game elsewhere on RPGnet:
[[Character:Evangeline di Borgia]]  It has nothing to do with my game but its a rough explanation for the basic stuff
I will be starting the game in two parts.
''' The first will be with a small group of players, ''First Wavers'', that will be involved in background of the immediate present of the game.'''  The first Wave had their opening auction and have sorted out a few details. 
''' The second group will be the main opening of the game and will be open to as many players as i can manage.  Probably a total of 7. Positions are open for those interested in joining.''' 
The Chronicles of Corwin, as dictated to Merlin, may be considered canonical.  The Merlin Chronicles, self dictated, may be considered full of valuable knowledge despite them showing a fictional road to Merlin winning the Throne of Chaos. (Consider it a semi-fictional character diary for 10 pips) Most of the technical details are mostly accurate.  But ''Swayvil'' is a Title the High Lord of Chaos bears, and he is not a Sawall, a Hendrake, a Helgram, or a Corsican. 
The Prequels by John Gregory Betancourt are not part of this universe's history.  I have not read them.
Characters may be from Amber, Avalon, Rebma, Chaos, and possibly from [[Azcala]]. Characters can have varied backgrounds and come from varied shadows with genealogies from these realms.
Other realms include [[Mandalay]], [[Regor]], [[Bursain]], [[Calmir]], [[Paragon]], and the Abyss.
Random has been King of Amber for 70 years.  He has faced many challenges.
''The current Ambassador from Chaos, Lord Despil of Sawall''.  His brother Jurt arrived with him, and opened a popular moving nightclub called ''Thin Whip's Place''. 
A vast renovation of the sewer systems of Amber and a vast repaving of the roadways of Amber and the cities of Ober, Garn and Yal.
The Creation of the Mark of Mandalay and the sudden creation of the Jeweled Road.  The Jeweled Road stretches from the base of Mt. Kolvir to the Abyss at the Fane of Zilla.
A widening understanding of the forces of the universe.''
A wave of incoming nobles who all have attractive daughters with an interest in Martin, or at least in meeting other sons and daughters of the Elders.
''A court filled with new attendees and old retainers.''  Families who had long ago stopped participating in public service are suddenly sending their children to court.  The Golden Circle is flooding the realm with its people in an effort to cash in on the easier interaction between Amber and Shadow.
Creatures from shadow that seem to arrive for no certain reasons with violent intentions. 
A rash of murders in the cities of Amber that includes the removal of the victims hearts.
==='''''Character Generation'''''===
These are all under consideration and are not finalized.
Players start off with 250 pips.
Max good stuff is 5.  Max bad stuff is 10.  Stored points can be spent if dire need arises.
All standard powers will be available when realm appropriate.  Chaosians must take shape-change for 35.  Amberites, Rebmans, and Avalonians better have a good reason for not taking Pattern and better squirrel away points for it.
Shapechange-35.  Pattern 50.
Power words- I view each power word as a unique bit of esoteric knowledge that a player may have learned despite not being a professional student of sorcery.  As such a power word maybe be purchased specifically for one pip. If learned in this manner it is worth figuring out how the character gained it in a RP setting.
I have toyed with the idea that learning power words is also part of the process of learning sorcery.  My reasoning would be that once a person has gained 15 power words they are able to do complex sorcery having gained enough of a feel for the craft.  In this method a person having gained 15 power words would then have the Sorcery Power and be able to use it as such, while also using the less complicated and less powerful power words.
Rebmans have a slight shapechange for air-breathing and water breathing.  They will pay 5 pips less for shapechange. Much of Rebma and its surrounds are accessible by air breathers. 
Characters from Aztlan should read the heck out of Aztec mythology. However i'm not using any set of Aztec mythology as Canon. My arrangements will be distinctly different.  I can direct you if you like and am open to suggestions.
I am at this writing toying with dividing points a bit.  Players will start with 250 pips for stats, powers and the special auction.  No more than 20 for Special Knowledge Sources. 
Ranks as defined by ADRPG are a tiny influence, but often every bit helps.  The Rank system in ADRG always confused me a little bit.
==='''Special Knowledge Sources.'''===
''A game on rpol.com gave me an idea about this and i like it.''
'''''Special Knowledge Sources'''''  ''Final List for Second Wavers''
No more then 20 pips can be bid in the special auctions.  A player may bid on up to 3 of them.  Points bid will give you some standing in each source, but to a greater or lesser degree depending on who wins each auction. 
'''1-Dworkin rambled too much'''
In the post-Patternfall realm of Amber, Dworkin is mostly sane, as any talkative and all-knowing grandfather or great grandfather can be, and is delighted to know his progeny.  He often is willing to sit and talk about the good ole days.  The player who wins this source will be a favorite of Dworkin's who can cozen up to him for tidbits he won't tell others.  Players who invest in Amber devotes and allies will not get Dworkin. He has a great interest in the young people coming into Amber and knows a lot about each of them.  What he's willing to tell is the trick. He is extremely closed mouth.
'''2-Librarian of Amber'''
The Library of Amber is massive.  Immense, on a shadow spanning scale.  The books in the castle are just a start.  The player who gains this source has at his beck and call the Librarian of Amber who will know more random details then google, yahoo, and webcrawler combined. Lesser investments will get assistant like docents and antiquarians that can be very useful.
'''3-Secret Power Source'''
Ssshhhh... its a secret.
'''4-Devoted Cult Following'''
The Amber Cults are an embarrassment to the royalty and nobility of Chaos as they nurse their wounds over losing the Black Road and Paternfall War.  Outlawing them just drove them underground and made them more popular.  The player who bids this source will quickly, if not immediately, develop a large Cult following in the Courts of Chaos.  If this is a Chaoasian player with roots in Amber it could be a very large force of disaffected Chaosians.  Or it could be Chaosians looking to expand into the shadowlands. 
'''5-Paramount Talent'''
This source is a natural nearly unparalleled skill.  Skills would be agreed on but might include an extraordinary skill at musical performance & Composition. Like Mozart.  Cooking;  A natural understanding what tastes good together and how to prepare it perfectly.  Sculptor or artisan. A person could be an extraordinary painter, though they still have to spend the same amount to create trumps.
I am not sure yet how to run the special auctions.  I am looking at two methods.  Player spends points and if they fail to get the source regain them to allocate elsewhere.  Players spend points and if they don't get the source get part of the source.  An amount less then the source winner.  This might manifest as a small cult following, a less then devoted primal creature, a lower church ranking, or a less talkative Dworkin. comments?  Players are not required to bid in the special knowledge auction.

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