Jack ‘Iceberg’ Berrg

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Character Name: Jack ‘Iceberg’ Berrg

Hp: 1

Strength: 12

Dexterity: 12

Will: 13

Physical Description: Describe what you look like.

  • 65 years old

Quirks and Character Traits: Describe your manner, personality, tics.

  • Experienced Pugilist. Fist attacks do d6 damage.

Encumbrance: 2/12 (Max enc equals your current Str)

Coinage: 0 p, 0 s, 0 g

Equipment: List all of the stuff you’re carrying and any special qualities that stuff might have.

  • Navy Colt Revolver (d6 damage)
  • Leaded Walking Stick (d6 damage)

Oddities and Arcanum: List any weird items and what they do that you’ve found and carry here. These count against your encumbrance score.

  • Gamma Ray - Fires a green beam (d12). If the target would lose STR, they gain that much STR instead, grow 50% in size, and their physical attacks are Enhanced. If their STR would exceed 21 they explode in green smoke. Any effects wear off when combat dies down. Has 3 charges.

Imprints: List any changes to your character that they’ve experienced through adventuring.

  • Can ‘read’ Hp of things.