Jack Lollar

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Jack the palace burner.png

aka, "Jack the Palace Burner" A Character in the Godbound game, Myth_ReCycle.


Level: 1
Effort: 2
XP: 0
Influence: 2
Available Dominion: 0
Spent Dominion: 0
Wealth: 0

Goal: Defend a newfound community.


  • "I'm from Delaware, I was an idiot and flunked out of UDel, and I worked the last few years at a coffee shop in Rehoboth Beach."
  • "I survived Olaf, the Category 5 hurricane that smacked the mid-Atlantic states in August of 2025. Lots of death, lots of destruction, and things broke down. Bad."
  • "A guy killed by cousin for allegedly looting. I hit him with a shovel, and got arrested for assault with a deadly weapon."
    • “I am Vengeance against those who would deny the desperate.”



Strength 18 (+3) [Check: 3+]
Dexterity 14 (+2) [Check: 7+]
Constitution 18 (+3) [Check: 3+]
Intelligence 13 (+1) [Check: 8+]
Wisdom 10 (+0) [Check: 11+]
Charisma 13 (+1) [Check: 8+]

Saving Throws

Hardiness 12+
Evasion 14+
Spirit 14+

Combat Info

HP: 13
AC: 2
Fray Die: 1d8
Attack: Shovel +3 [Damage 1d10+3]

Words & Gifts

Health: Heroes with the Health Word have an invincible defense against diseases and poisons, and can diagnose them instantly. They may set their Constitution to 16, or to 18 if it’s already 16 or higher.

Intrinsic Health: Your maximum hit points increase by 2 extra points per level, including levels gained before you took this gift. This gift can’t be suppressed.

Excellence of the Word: Raise Strength to 18.

Protection: The Word of Protection is a selfless Word, one devoted to the guardianship of others… Godbound of Protection have a natural Armor Class of 3. Once per scene, they can negate an injury or hostile effect on an ally as an Instant action, but they cannot use this power on their own behalf. They can use powers and miracles of Protection to aid praying mortal petitioners who contact them via the gifts of Apotheosis as if they were present at their follower's side.

Braced for Impact: Commit Effort for the scene. Refresh the Godbound's Word-bound ability to negate an ally's injury or harm from a hostile effect. This gift can be used only once per round.

Vengeance: The Word of Vengeance demands a reckoning for crimes. It is not justice, however, but simple revenge that this Word rules: a hurt for a hurt, a sin for a sin… Their normal attacks always hit against a target who has inflicted hit point damage on them within the past round.

Blood for Blood: Once per scene, target a creature who has just inflicted hit point damage on you or an ally in the prior round. That creature automatically suffers the same amount of damage that they have inflicted on the specific victim within the past round. Worthy foes can make a Spirit save to halve it, rounded up.

Furious Counterstrike: Commit Effort for the scene. For the rest of the scene, whenever you are hit by a normal attack and suffer damage, you get an Instant normal attack in return at the culprit which inevitably hits.

Sanctified Violence: Your weapon or unarmed attacks count as a 1d10 magical weapon with a range up to 200 feet. If you kill a target who first initiated violence against you in this scene, either with this gift or another power, lesser foes who see it or learn of it will be unable to consider the death as unlawful, unfair, or socially inappropriate.


  • 1 rucksack with...
    • 1 shiv
    • 1 carton of cigarettes
    • 1 lighter
    • 1 Canteen (Emblem of Health)
  • 1 Whistle (Emblem of Protection)
  • 1 Shovel (Emblem of Vengeance)