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Name: Jacqueline Adams

Look: Stunning

Eyes: Captivating

Hands: Manicured

Origin: Most popular kid in school


  • Hot 2
  • Cold 2
  • Volatile 0
  • Dark 0


  • The clique: Talented
  • The Shield: (Moves against her with her clique around suffer -1, NPCs act at disadvantage)
  • Streaming: Can always feel her clique's emotional state. Can read their minds by rolling Dark at +1
  • Temptation: When you talk someone into something they gain +1 Forward (or act at advantage) to carrying it out. If they succeed you gain 1XP
  • The Clique II: Cultists with holy oaths and a willingness to become martyrs
  • Tangled Web (Custom, Queen): When you've made 3 rolls in a scene add 1 to all subsequent rolls within that scene.

Growing Up Moves:

  • Make Others Feel Beautiful
    When you make others feel beautiful, roll with hot. On a 10 up, choose two:
    • they carry 1 forward;
    • they remove a Condition;
    • they mark experience;
    • you carry 1 forward.
    On a 7-9, you can offer them an experience point to do what you want.
  • Share your pain
    When you share your pain, roll with dark. On a 10 up, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one:
    • remove a Condition (from yourself or someone who listened);
    • carry 1 forward toward helping yourself;
    • those who listened carry 1 forward toward helping you.
    It is explicitly permitted to double up on "remove a Condition," removing one from yourself and one from a listener.

Darkest Self

While the Condition remains, they count as part of your gang. Darkest Self They’ve failed you. This is all their fault, and there’s no reason why you should have to suffer the consequences of their idiocy. You need to make an example out of each of them, a cruel and unwavering example. You escape your Darkest Self when you relinquish part of your power over to someone more deserving, or when you destroy an innocent person in order to prove your might.


Named NPCs in clique: (One string each on Peter and Henry)

  • Mary: Valedictorian. Also good with computers and known to hack the network.
  • Peter: Salutorian at St Patrick's. Specialises in history and local history in particular. A mine of useless information and a tendency to drone on - and most people will tell him to shut up; few will actually find the useful information there.
  • Henry: Only just scrapes into any AP classes (and only AP art and AP shop at that), but still a favourite of hers. Runs the sound and lighting for school plays and is an amateur conjurer on the side. Managed to get her to be his assistant (and cut her in half) - and wants more from her.

Fears Wolf Kennedy

Other NPCs

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