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Aliases: Nysa Jath, Jessica Scott
Details: Going by Earth years, Nysa appears to be in her early 20s. She is 5’6” with a medium build, green skin, dark green hair, and emerald green eyes. As Jade, she wears a simple white and black bodysuit with a green stylized starburst on the chest.

Attributes [36pp][edit]

Strength (STR) 0
Stamina (STA) 3
Agility (AGL) 5
Dexterity (DEX) 0
Fighting (FGT) 0
Intelligence (INT) 5
Awareness (AWE) 5
Presence (PRE) 0

Powers [88pp][edit]

Latent K’aitian Telepathy

Comprehend: Understand & Speak Languages (4)

Starheart Physiology

Protection 11 [Impervious +1] (22)
Immunity: Life Support, Immune to Aging (11)
Regeneration 5 [Persistent +1, Source: UV Light -1] (5)
UV Vision – Senses 1 [Ultravision 1] (1)

Starheart Manipulation: 29 point Array

(a) Energy Constructs – Create 12 [Moveable +1, Indirect 4, Dynamic Array 1] (29)
(b) Energy Manipulation – Move Object 12 [Precise 1, Dynamic Effect] (2)
(c) Energy Blast – Damage 12 [Ranged +1, Extended Range 2, Precise 1, Dynamic Effect] (2)
(d) Energy Burst – Damage 9 [Ranged +1, Area: Cone +1, Dynamic Effect] (2)
(e) Energy Beam – Damage 12 [Ranged +1, Sustained +2, Distracting -1, Limited: Target takes cover -1, Extended Range 2, Precise 1, Dynamic Effect] (2)
(f) Energy Sense – Senses 11 [Detect: Energy 2, Acute 1, Analytical 1, Extended 2, Penetrates Concealment 4, Radius 1, Dynamic Effect] (2)
(g) Energy Form – Insubstantial 4 [Precise 1, Subtle 2, Dynamic Effect] (2)
(h) Flight – Flight 12 [Subtle 2, Dynamic Effect] (2)
(i) Space Flight – Movement 2 [Dynamic Effect] (2)

Advantages [8pp][edit]

Attractive 2
Benefit 1: Well-Off
Luck 3

Skills [18pp][edit]

Acrobatics* (AGI) 5 (+10)
Athletics (STR) (+0)
Close Combat (FTG) (+0)
Deception (PRE) 5 (+5)
Expertise (INT): Photography 1 (+6)
Expertise (INT): Skullduggery 1 (+6)
Insight (AWE) (+5)
Intimidation (PRE) (+0)
Investigation* (INT) (+5)
Perception (AWE) (+5)
Persuasion (PRE) 5 (+5)
Ranged Combat (DEX): Starheart Powers 14 (+14)
Sleight of Hand* (DEX) 5 (+5)
Stealth (AGI) (+5)
Technology* (INT) (+5)
Treatment* (INT) (+5)
Vehicles* (DEX) (+0)
* Normally these skills require at least 1 rank to use them, but Jess has Jack-of-All-Trades

Defense [31pp][edit]

Dodge +10
Parry +10
Fortitude +12
Toughness +3/+14 (Impervious Protection 11)
Will +12


Hero Points: 1
Initiative +5
Energy Blast/Beam +12 (Ranged, Damage +12)
Energy Blast area cone (Dex 19, Damage +9)


Cell Phone, Camera


Motivation – Acceptance: While on Earth Jessica uses her Starheart powers to carry on the legacy of the first Jade and do some good.
Motivation - She is also trying to figure out why she has been drawn to Earth after fusing with the Starheart.
Complication – Fame: Jessica is green, which makes it nearly impossible to maintain a secret identity or disguise herself as someone else, at least not without advanced technological help.
Complication – Weakness: Her Starheart powers do not work on wood.


Attributes 36 + Powers 88 + Advantages 8 + Skills 18 + Defenses 31 + Unspent Points 1 = 182 points
PP Earned: 2
PP Log: 1 point spent improving Energy Form from Alternate Effect to Dynamic Effect


An explorer at heart, Nysa Jath is a K’aitian who managed to escape a life of drudgery on her homeworld of K’ai in search for new places and adventure. Making her way from spaceport to spaceport with quick fingers and a quicker tongue, Nysa managed to stay one step ahead of getting into too much trouble. She wasn’t evil, she just did it to survive and to be honest, she liked the thrill of it.

While stowing away on a luxury cruise headed to the resort planet of Fhloston, Nysa overheard some vacationing (and very intoxicated) scientists bragging about an amazing new energy they had managed to capture. Nysa pilfered the container holding the energy, hoping to sell it for a nice sum of credits.

Unfortunately the container holding the energy was much more fragile than Nysa realized and the canister ruptured, releasing the energy onto the thief. Nysa absorbed the energy and she was transformed into a semi-energy state. She didn’t really feel any different, aside from feeling… well, energized. But she was different. Along with turning green, she was a lot tougher and she quickly learned she could manipulate the green energy in amazing ways: from shooting simple blasts of energy, to creating solid energy objects and even assuming a pure energy form to pass through solid objects. And she rather liked being green; it was always her favorite color.

Not long after bonding with the strange green energy, Nysa felt a nagging pull. It wasn’t painful, but it was a constant, irritating tug she eventually couldn’t ignore. That’s when she discovered that not only could she now fly through the atmosphere of a planet, she could even fly through interstellar space under her own power. Apparently even faster than light when she is in space, since it didn’t take her long at all to reach the source of the pull: a primitive planet called Earth.

Once on Earth, the pull stopped. But Nysa had no idea why she was drawn here. The people could barely reach space, but there were an unusually high number of powered beings calling the planet home. One of those powered humans, Power Girl, mistook her for someone named ‘Jade’. It was Nysa’s first clue and after explaining the situation Nysa learned about the woman named Jade who had very similar powers and her ultimate fate. Nysa figures that when that Jade died, it released the source of her powers: the Starheart. She doesn't know those scientists captured the Starheart or why it drew Nysa here to Earth, but she is trying to find out the answer to both of those questions.

Nysa has been on Earth for a few months now and during that time she's managed to acclimate to Earth culture, settling in Los Angeles. Power Girl introduced her to Alan Scott, the original Jade's father. It was with his blessing that Nysa decided to take up the mantle of Jade and become a hero in her own right. She has since taken the name Jessica Scott while on Earth to fit in a little better and she still keeps in touch with him. Alan even inadvertently gave her the idea to take up photography, which she now does professionally to earn money, which leaves her plenty of time to be a super-hero and to look into the mystery of the Starheart.