James Dewey

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Agent Name: James Dewey
Code Name:
Profession: Media Specialist (journalist)
Nationality: American
Sex (Age): Male (30)
Education: Private School; Dartmouth College (dropped out)


Score x5 What Others Notice
Strength 10 50
Constitution 10 50
Dexterity 10 50
Intelligence 17 Dazzlng
Power 12 60
Charisma 13 65 Persuasive

Derived Attributes

Current Maximum
Hit Points (HP) 10 10
Willpower (WP) 12 12
Sanity (SAN) 60 60
Breaking Point (BP) 48 48

Incidents of SAN loss without going insane

Violence O O O adapted
Helplessness O O O adapted


Long-suffering wife Jenny 13
Paul Zeigler, Editor at Esquire 13
Roger Orme, Dartmouth Literature professor 13
Noah Daley, former Beat bum buddy 13

Motivations and Mental Disorders


Total Total Total
Accounting (10%) First Aid (10%) 30 Science (0%)
Alertness (20%) 40 Forensics (0%) 20 Search (20%) 40
Anthropology (0%) 40 Heavy Weapons (0%) SIGINT (0%)
Archaeology (0%) History (10%) 40 Stealth (10%) 50
Art (journalism) (0%): 60 HUMINT (10%) 40 Surgery (0%)
Artillery (0%) Law (0%) Survival (10%) 30
Athletics (30%) Medicine (0%) Swim (20%)
Bureaucracy (10%) Melee Weapons (30%) Unarmed Combat (40%)
Computer Science (0%) Military Science (Land) (0%): Unnatural (0%)
Craft (Photography)(0%) 40 Foreign Language (Spanish)(0%) 40
Criminology (10%) 50 Navigate (10%)
Demolitions (0%) Occult (10%) 50
Disguise (10%) Persuade (20%) 50
Dodge (30%) Pharmacy (0%) 20
Drive Auto (20%) Pilot (0%)
Drive Heavy Machine (10%) Psychotherapy (10%)
Firearms (20%) 40 Ride (10%)

Physical Injuries and Ailments

Has First Aid been attempted since your last injury? If yes, only Medicine, Surgery, or long-term rest can help further

Armor and Equipment

Body armor reduces the damage of all attacks except Called Shots and successful Kill Damage.


Skill % Base Range Damage Armor Piercing Kill Damage Kill Radius Shots
Browning Hi-Power 9mm 40 15m 1d10 n/a n/a n/a 15
Jungle survival knife 30 n/a 1d6 3 n/a n/a n/a

Personal Details, Work Performance, Special Training and Other Notes

Born in Montpelier, VT, to an old naval family, James Dewey attended private school and Dartmouth College, before turning on and dropping out during his second year of English Literature. He followed the Beat trail to Mexico and Latin America, bumming from job to job, experimenting with peyote and cocaine, picking up some survival skills. After dabbling in Beat poetry and stream-of-consciousness prose pieces, he found his metier in the New Journalism, and moved back to the US, where he's been following the developing counter-culture. Also, while in South America, he saw a fellow dropping buddy dissolve into grey dust after an especially intense acid trip, and soon after was approached by a CIA staffer who convinced him that some hallucinogens really are more than just recreational. Since then, he's been a DG Friendly and their tap into the hippie/trippy movement.