Jason Stenhouse

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Jason Stenhouse


  • Only Child and Heir of Mark Stenhouse. President and Sole owner of Stenhouse Industries. "We Make the Little Things". Stenhouse industries makes many tiny parts that are used ubiquitously in other products.


Maintains a B average in order to remain on good standing with his father and in order to get his trust fund at 18.

  • Hates the family business. Has promised to let control of the company remain in the hands of the Board of Directors. Though at 18 he will take his seat on the Board.
  • Adores auto mechanics, motorcycle mechanics. Boat Mechanics, small airplane mechanics. His father is horrified that Jason's big dream is opening a mechanic's shop catering to family vehicles, motorcycle enthusiasts, and small plane owners.
  • Juvenile delinquent. Mischievous but not malicious. Gets in trouble sneaking people in and out of the school. Has been caught in compromising positions with girls at the school but brags to the principals and deans that he has had far more compromising situations they didn't catch him in.
  • Music Lover. Plays guitar and drums. Some piano. Good with Tech sound machines. Willing to play in any band that asks. Punk, Hard Rock, Indie, Alt-rock, Jazz, swing.
  • One of the only things he and his father do together is camp. Hiking, camping, high adventure motorcycle trips. The rule is they don't talk school or Stenhouse Industries.
  • Has a few of his father's guns hidden away.

Question. Will the school allow him to own a motorcycle or a camper or will he have to arrange for that off campus?