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=='''<span style=color:green><big>Jeweled Amber and the War of Balance</big></span>'''==
'''This was a campaign run in 3 sections'''
*'''Call to the Kin''': The first campaign  was from 1997 to 2003
*'''Azcala Rising''': The second campaign was 2013
*'''The Red Sword Calls''': The third and current campaign began in December 2018
By Michael J. Watson, in Southern California.
There is a lot of the information found in this Wiki concerning the [[Jeweled Amber]] game is the information available before the game. If however you play in the JR&WoB game consider this information the <span style=color:green>''word on the street''</span>, <span style=color:green>''the skinny''</span>, the <span style=color:green>''whispers in the dark''</span>, the <span style=color:green>''word around the campfire''</span>, the <span style=color:green>''rumor i heard Dame Margot tell the Little King Michael in the kitchen''</span>, and the same as bold faced lies.  Just sayin.
The reason this snip is here is to support the [[Diners of Amber]] article.
=='''Quick References'''==
*[[Heirs and spares]]
*[[Diners of Amber]]
*[[Timeline of Jeweled Amber]]
*[[Amber Star Fleet]]
*[[Precedence of Powers]]
*[[Jeweled Amber Skill Points]]
*[[The Jeweled Road]]
*[[Jeweled Amber Trump Decks.]]
=='''<span style=color:green><big>Campaign Particulars</big></span>'''==
==='''Diners of Amber-Bleys at his best'''===
<span style=color:red>'''<big>[[Diners of Amber]]'''  The basic guide to all places strange and wonderful.  But don't be mistaken to think they are all safe.</big></span>
===[[Heirs and spares]]===
==='''[[Timeline of Jeweled Amber]]'''===
==='''Articles of Submission'''===
[[Jeweled Amber-Articles of Submission]]
==='''Stories of the Realm'''===
[[Jeweled Amber-Stories]]
Jurt and [[Thin Whip's Place]]
==='''The Jeweled Road-A Powerful Construct'''===
[[The Jeweled Road]]
The Jeweled Road is a single road that starts in the foot of Mount Kolvir and stretches along path once taken by the Black Road all the way to the Abyss of Chaos.
===''Call to the Kin of Bariman-First Campaign''-Closed===
''[[Call to the Kin of Bariman]] (get date)''
===''Azcala Unleashed-Second Campaign''-Closed===
[[Facebook Blurbs]] 
''Facebook posts in an earlier game. ''
*''Opening of  Azcala related. ''
*''Arrival of [[CHAD]]''
=== '''Red Sword Calls-Third Campaign'''-Ongoing===
*[[As it Begins in the Short Game]]  The state of amber as the third game begins. 
*[[Red Sword Calls-FB Posts]]  Story Posts in the Red Sword FB Group.
==<span style=color:green><big>'''Places'''</big></span>==
[[Diners of Amber]]
==='''[[Amber and the Golden Circle Kingdoms]]'''===
*[[Rebma:]]: A Crown Jewel of the Golden Circle-The Second Kingdom
*[[Thelusia:]] :A Crown Jewel of the Golden Circle-The Third Kingdom
*[[Dreana:]] :A Crown Jewel of the Golden Circle-The Fourth Kingdom
*[[Diega:]] : Crown Jewel of the Golden Circle-The Fifth Kingdom. Master of Waters.
*[[Acadia]] : The Western Isle.
*[[Begma:]] :Breadbasket to Amber
*[[Kashfa:]] :Barbarian Splendor
*[[Calrabon:]] :Big and Meaty grillmasters to Amber
==='''[[Places in Shadow]]'''===
A major pattern in a fallen shade realm.  The Origin realms of the Forces of the Korag Empire and [[CHAD]]
**Crowned Bards.  [[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Tosa/York#Crowned_Bards]]
**[[Fairhand's Folly]]
==='''[[Primal Realms]]'''===
*[[Courts of Chaos]]
*[[Calmir]] Fallen
*[[Paragon]] Fallen
*[[Azcala]] The Realm of Tonacat
*[[Alamond]]-Its an Amusement Park
*[[Pócaí]] Pocket Realms
*[[Bursain]] :A squiggle of note.  A burr in the waves of shadow.
==='''[[Primal Constructs]]'''===
*[[Mal at Riess]]
==='''Waymets''' Rest-stops on the Jeweled Road===
*[[Rue Katal]]
*[[Diego Raks]]
Large structural habitations.
===Miscellaneous Places of Note===
===Randal: A Planet in the Vulsar Galaxy===
A somewhat seedy world popular with race enthusiasts and high adventure camping & Hiking sportsman.
*[[Randal in the Vulsara Galaxy]]
=='''Kingdom of Amber-City'''==
==='''[[Castle Amber]]'''===
*'''[[Throne Room]]'''
*'''[[Hall of Mirrors]] '''
*'''[[Great Library of Amber]]'''
*'''[[Castle Amber]] '''
*'''[[Dungeon & Prison of Amber]]'''
*'''[[Active Royal Apartments]]'''
==='''Regions of Amber'''===
*'''[[Green Vale]]'''
*'''[[North Vale]]'''
*'''[[Great Shoals]]'''
===[[City of Amber]]'''===
*'''[[North Riding]] '''
*'''[[Thin Whip's Place]]'''
*'''[[Harbor District of Amber]]'''
==Groups in Amber==
===[[Official groups in Amber]]===
*[[Constabulary of Amber]]
*[[Rangers of Arden]]
*[[Amber Elite Guard]]
*[[Amber Military Aide Society]]
*[[Amber Life Guard]]
*[[Non-Partisan Anti-Agolith Association]]
*[[Council of Commentary]]
===[[Unofficial Groups in Amber]]===
From mercantile organizations, fraternal groups, secret societies and the Underculture.
[[Civilian City Cohorts]]
==Military of Amber==
===[[Military of Amber]]===
====Amber Elite Guardsman Standard Panoply====
[Amber Standard Kit]]
===[[Amber Star Fleet]]===
==<span style=color:green><big>'''Player Characters and Character Information'''</big></span>==
===[[Carissa]] Daughter of Gerard===
===[[Vander]] Son of Eric===
===[[Macsen]] Son of Dalt===
===[[Relmopator]] Son of Satura===
===[[Laravella]] Daughter of Brand===
===[[Arloxedra]] Son of Eric===
===[[Truman, son of Gerard]]===
===[[Vance, son of Delwin]]===
===[[Vek Hendrake]] The Line of Benedict===
Character development.  This is where i will be putting a lot of disjointed information as i put together the game.''
===[[King Random's Deck-KRD]]===
==<span style=color:green><big>'''People and Beings'''</big></span>==
===[[Heirs and spares]]===
An accounting of the House Bariman and its genealogy.
===[[Primal Creature]]===
Creatures of prime powers claiming great power generated by the power of wide variety of creatures of their type.
===[[People of Shadow]]===
These are people that can be found in shadow that are not necessarily affiliated with any of the great realms or their circle.
===[[Court of Amber]] and People of Amber===
[[Court of Amber]] : [[People of Note]] : [["No_Knock_List"]] : [[Servants of Amber]] [[Elites]] Guards, Maids, Kitchen Staff,
===[[Queens of Amber]]===
===Knightly Orders in Jeweled Amber===
[[Knightly Orders in Jeweled Amber]]
==Trumps and Other Decks==
*[[King Random's Deck]]
The Deck given by King Random to his kin.  Contains Contact Trumps and Place Trumps
=='''CHAD-Clean halls and Dens Guild'''-==
*[[CHAD]] : Mercenary guild extrodinare of the [[Tosa/York]] shadows now in the employ ofAmber.
**[[Lop]]:  Founder of CHAD-Director of the
**Sir Dolki [[Fairhand]]
**Jeremy [[Fairhand]]
**Venki [[Fairhand]]
**[[Digan]] the Ruby Mage
**[[Alexandir_Kos_Korag_III]].  of
**[[Jake and Kirgor]].Military Guildmaster of CHAD is Jake Whitetail
=='''Wanderers and Far Travelers'''==
*[[Guiness]] :My first PC.  He wanders Amber shadow at will.
*[[Ascorbic and Ox]] A pair of boon companions.  PCs of old.
*[[Conf of Shadows]] The voice in shades
==<span style=color:green><big>'''Powers and Concepts'''</big></span>==
==='''Costs & Powers'''===
[[Costs & Powers-Jeweled Amber]]
==='''Powers of the Patterns of Amber' and Avalon'===
*''50 pips Basic Imprint'':  Frame can hold 12 spells of any power level with great power. 
*''75 pips Advanced Imprint'':Frame can hold 18 spells of any power level with great power.
*''100 Pips Master's Imprint.'': Frame can hold 24 spells of any power level with great power.
The Sigil can be used defensively.
==='''Flavors of the Pattern'''===
[[Flavors of the Pattern]]
Esoteric differences in Pattern Imprints.
==='''Precedence of Powers'''===
[[Precedence of Powers]] refers to the various levels of power and importance levels.
===[[Jeweled amber sway]]===
===[[Shade Realms]] ===
===[[Aging in Amber]]===
[[If I'd died without hope of grace clause]]  The dangers of taking mortals to Amber.
==Specific Creatures==
[[Ushfa]] Shapechanging Race
[[Krasig]] Split Race and Ghosts
[[Dufiro]]  The Dufirosm
==<span style=color:green><big>'''History, Contemplation, and Conversations'''</big></span>==
===[[Contemplations on the Nature of Benedict]]===
===[[Races in Jeweled Amber]]===
===[[Interregnum and the Repair]]===
===[[Commentary of Cosmology]]=== 
The universe is tricky.
==<span style=color:green><big>'''Things'''</big></span>==
===[[General Artifacts]]===
===Old Mink===
[[Old Mink]]
A particularly potent potable.
===The Blades Of Red Gale===
[[The Blades Of Red Gale]]
Vulcan created, Brand improved.
==<span style=color:green><big>'''Game Mechanic Topics'''</big></span>==
==='''Skill System In Amber DRPG'''===
[[Jeweled Amber Skill Points]]
This system allows Players & Game Master to gain insight into Pc's interest.
===[[Shadow Magic]]===
[[Warlock Magery]]
==<span style=color:green><big>'''Current Games & Past Games'''</big></span>==
==='''The Black Road Less Traveled'''===
[[Vek Hendrake]]
[[Ongoing consideration]]
[[Vek'osho du Hendrake]]
===Azcala Unleashed-Second Campaign===
[[Player Page]]  While these PCs were part of the Second game it is uncertain if they remain in the active game as NPCs as yet.  Some may be included if needed or some may be members of a Shade of Amber.
[[Dinner in the Green Room]]
[[New News]]
[[Quotes Page]]
Every one should have them.
==<span style=color:green><big>Other Topics</big></span>==
'''Little Game'''
[[The Little Game]]
A game unrelated to Amber.  An exercise in minimalism.
==='''Available Characters'''===
==<span style=color:green><big>'''Various Veks'''</big></span>==
The various shadows of Vek
*[[Vek-Amber Mush]]
*[[Vek Hendrake]]: [[Jeweled Amber]]
===Vek Hendrake in Jeweled Amber===
*[[Vek Hendrake]] a story place.
*[[Dark is the Rat]]  A Vek Story.
*[[Vek's Journal on Randal]]  A place to make music.
*[[The Journal of Veksvale]] A place and time in the wilderness.
*Vek in Heirs and Spares[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Heirs_and_spares#Vek_Son_of_Gaolous-Breeder]]
*[[Benedict/Hendrake breeding program]]
==<span style=color:purple><big>'''Non Sequitur'''</big></span>==
===Many Colours, All of them Amber===
A personal Amber page with interesting stuff [[http://www.clockworksky.net/rp_amber_top.html]]
===[[One Nebraska of Hamsters]]===
===[[Unit Designations]]===
===[[Tangency Cookbook]]===
Because its funny what you run across.
<big> Zine</big>
[[Mixed Content Storage]]
==End Comments==
*Images used on this site are found online and modified.  I do not own the copyright to any of them.  They are being used recreationally and are in no way be used in a commercial manner.  If you hold the copyright to any image and wish it removed put a moment in the discussion section and the image will be removed immediately.
*If you want to use any of the elements you find in the Jeweled Amber Pages you have my permission.  I had hoped to find seeds for future books but if there is something you like feel free to make use of it.

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