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Jeweled Amber and the War of Balance

This was a campaign run in 3 sections

  • Call to the Kin: The first campaign was from 1997 to 2003
  • Azcala Rising: The second campaign was 2013
  • The Red Sword Calls: The third and current campaign began in December 2018

By Michael J. Watson, in Southern California.

There is a lot of the information found in this Wiki concerning the Jeweled Amber game that is information available before the game. If however you come to play in the JR&WoB game consider this information the word on the street , the skinny , the whispers in the dark , the word around the campfire , the rumor I heard Dame Margot tell the Little King Michael in the kitchen , and the same as bold faced lies. Just sayin.

Quick References

  • Diners of Amber The basic guide to all places strange and wonderful. But don't be mistaken to think they are all safe. This is the main article that kept Jeweled Amber alive so long. Read, explore, & enjoy.
  • Heirs and spares : A lexicon of Who is Who in the House Bariman.
  • Timeline of Jeweled Amber : Whats happened, when it happened, when people entered history.
  • Precedence of Powers : A general over view of whats more powerful then what and a bit about them.
  • Jeweled Amber Skill Points : A system for ADRPG for developing character's interests.
  • CHAD : Clean Halls and Dens-A Mercenary Guild
  • The Jeweled Road : The game's namesake and the road from east to west. The Jeweled Road is a single road that starts at the foot of Mount Kolvir and the gates to castle Amber and stretches along paths once taken by the Black Road all the way to the Abyss of Chaos. Along the way roads, trails, paths, highways and great roads were annexed by the magic of the Jeweled Road.
  • Jeweled Amber Trump Decks. : The telephone books of Jeweled Amber.

Campaign Particulars of Note

Articles of Submission

Jeweled Amber-Articles of Submission : Random required them of his kith and kin. They are in the tome called King Random's Reign available at all the stylish book stores and most the disreputable taverns.

Stories of the Realm

Heirs and spares

This document is comprised of the most accurate accounting of the family line of Dworkin Bariman, a rebel Lord of Chaos.

This is a compilation list created from multiple sources.

  • *The Amber College of Heralds: The most detailed original listing of the royalty and nobility of Amber and the keeper of their bloodlines and their heraldry. While they had the publicly known list of the children of Oberon the vast majority of their work concerned noble houses, royal letters patent, and royal and noble charters.
  • *The Heirs and Spares document: Recieved from the Courts of Chaos, created and maintained by Duchess Maylon Hendrake. This work was delivered to King Random by Maylon Hendrke when she served her first term as Ambassador to Amber from Chaos. It was something of a threat and revealed the depths of knowledge concerning the members of the royal family as well as revealing the lines of Amberites created by Lord Darnuthas rasaka afuras that were in the Benedict/Hendrake breeding program. This collection included the names of the First Brood as well but nothing else on them.
  • *The Researches of King Finndo: This collection of cards and descriptions came from research done by King Finndo, initially during his reign but continuing long after, only made public after the delivery of Maylon Hendrakes 'Heirs and Spares document. These detailed the First Brood of Oberon up to and including Princes Osric, Finndo,Benedict, Borlak, and Finhdo, and princesses Cymnea, Orasola, and Evelyn.
  • Dworkin's admissions: Dworkin has admitted to fathering two other lines of Amberites. The Verna Line and the Vincent Line.
  • The Admissions of Fisk: Fisk is a son of Osric who has had little connection to amber despite living in the City of Amber itself all along. His criminal empire is a source of concern for some but he has an understanding with King Random. He submitted a closely held article of submission as well as a listing of his progeny. These include his daughter Jade, grandson Quin, and grandson Abelvi.

Diners of Amber

The seminal work of the Jeweled Amber multiverse. What began as the snarky article of Submission for Prince Bleys became a tour guide of the universe for travelers allowed to find their way among the multiverse by the creation of the Jeweled Road.

Its been edited many times as card magically appear in the deck. This annoys Bleys but he has come to accept his role as the unwilling Docent of Amber.


"Call to the Kin"-First Campaign-1997 to 2003 -Closed

Call to the Kin of Bariman

"Azcala Unleashed"-Second Campaign- 2013-Closed

"Red Sword Calls"-Third Campaign 2018 to present-Ongoing


Amber and the Golden Circle Kingdoms

Empire of Amber

Kingdom of Vulsara

Originally Vulsar Base or Vulsara which was the headquarters of the Amber Star Fleet


An autonomous Kingdom under the auspices of the Empire of Amber


An autonomous Grand Duchy under the auspices of the Empire of Amber.


A series of warlike shadows with a rotating collection of kings, queens, dukes and warlords who constantly fight among each other but all are fiercely loyal to Amber.

Demesne of Tragal
The Protectorate of Adasona

Golden Circle Kingdoms


A Crown Jewel of the Golden Circle-The Second Kingdom


A Crown Jewel of the Golden Circle-The Third Kingdom


A Crown Jewel of the Golden Circle-The Fourth Kingdom


Crown Jewel of the Golden Circle-The Fifth Kingdom. Master of Waters.


The Western Isle.


Breadbasket to Amber


Barbarian Splendor


Big and Meaty grillmasters to Amber


a minor realm known for its wine and olive exports.

Alagulpa Riesa

A victim of the Jeweled Road, a realm not connected to the interstate highway.

Primal Realms

  • Fully Realized Primal Realms.




Courts of Chaos




High Order Constructs-Primal Realms of a Lesser Nature.


Realm of Czar Nicholas and Czarina Clarissa


The Realm of Tonacat



An Amusement Park. No, Really. Its an Amusement park. Nothing sinister about it at all.


A tiny Pocket Realm.


A great realm sealed off from visitors.


The realm of King Julian & Queen Nina, with Duke Caine and Duchess Emile.



A squiggle of note. A burr in the waves of shadow. An unfinished project with sword on the loose.


A realm sealed from most visitors recently cracked a slight bit open.

Waymets Rest-stops on the Jeweled Road

Places in Shadow

A major pattern in a fallen shade realm. The Origin realms of the Forces of the Korag Empire and CHAD


Large structural habitations.

  • Arcology A conversation about Urban Planning

Kingdom of Amber

City of Amber

Castle Amber

Regions of Amber

Groups in Amber

Official groups in Amber

Unofficial Groups in Amber

From mercantile organizations, fraternal groups, secret societies and the Under-culture.

Military of Amber

Military of Amber


Amber Star Fleet


People and Beings

Races in Jeweled Amber

A Collection of races known in the Shadows of Amber.

Player Characters and Character Information


Heirs and spares

An accounting of the House Bariman and its genealogy.

Primal Creature

Creatures of prime powers claiming great power generated by the power of wide variety of creatures of their type.

People of Shadow

These are people that can be found in shadow that are not necessarily affiliated with any of the great realms or their circle.

Character Interaction

Court of Amber and People of Amber

Queens of Amber

Knightly Orders in Jeweled Amber

CHAD-Clean Halls And Dens guild

Wanderers and Far Travelers

Powers and Game Mechanics

Powers & Points

These are the Powers and point costs associated with the Patterns of Amber & Avalon, the Logrus, and other High Order Constructs.

Flavors of the Pattern

Esoteric differences in Pattern Imprints. Wild. Calm.

Primal Constructs

Mal at Riess

A High Order Construct

Arden Stone

A High Order construct

Shadow Magic

Low Order magic systems


Low Order simple magics. Easy to learn.

Warlock Thievish Skills

  • Burgler
  • Investigator
  • Pickpocket

Concepts and Priorities

Specific Creatures

History, Contemplation, and Conversations of Note

Red Sword Calls-FB Posts

Contemplations on the Nature of Benedict

Jeweled Amber-Articles of Submission

Interregnum and the Repair

Brand and Dalt and the Deep Blue Sea

  • A conversation on the ramparts.

The Universe is Tricky

Commentary of Cosmology

Question of Infinity

Benedict/Hendrake breeding program

  • The program of House Hendrake creating a line of Chaosians able to use the pattern of Amber.


  • A commentary on a term in common usage.

Various Stories

Antiques and Artifacts

Pattern Artifacts

Known Artifacts

General Artifacts

A collection of known items.

The Blades Of Red Gale

Vulcan created, Brand improved.

Potent Potables and Various Enhancements

Alcohols of Amber

Old Mink

Whiskey of Amber

Green Gin of Amber

Game Mechanic Topics

Skill System In Amber DRPG

Jeweled Amber Skill Points: This system allows Players & Game Master to gain insight into Pc's interest.

Special Knowledge

Special Knowledge is an opportunity to add RP elements to a character's background or experiences, either at character creation or during game play.

Current Games & Past Games

Tolknor's Ambercon

Tiny Amber

  • Ambercon game.

Taziliwere-For Wine and Oil

  • An Ambercon campaign

The Black Road Less Traveled

Azcala Unleashed-Second Campaign

Player Page While these PCs were part of the Second game it is uncertain if they remain in the active game as NPCs as yet. Some may be included if needed or some may be members of a Shade of Amber.




Other Topics


The Little Game

A game unrelated to Amber. An exercise in minimalism.

Available Characters

The Black Road-A Fanzine

These are articles i submitted to the fanzine. They are seperate works and may not represent how these are run in my game.


Various Veks

The various shadows of Vek

Vek Hendrake in Jeweled Amber


Non Sequiturs

Many Colours, All of them Amber

A personal Amber page with interesting stuff [[5]]

One Nebraska of Hamsters

Unit Designations


Tangency Cookbook

Because its funny what you run across.

Zine-The Black Road Mixed Content Storage

End Comments

  • Images used on this site are found online and modified. I do not own the copyright to any of them. They are being used recreationally and are in no way used in a commercial manner. If you hold the copyright to any image and wish it removed put a comment in the discussion section and the image will be removed immediately.
  • If you want to use any of the elements you find in the Jeweled Amber Pages you have my permission. I had hoped to find seeds for future books but if there is something you like feel free to make use of it.