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A Character in the City of Mists: Order of the Watchtower campaign

Joey Chiesa, Rift of Charon



Joseph Chiesa ("Beppe" for family and closest friends; "Joey" for everyone else) has always been known as the "Good Samaritan". The kind of person that could never resist helping those in dire need. If a cheap ride wasn't cheap enough, every needy on the street knew he could look for Joey's cab. This City is a villainous hive of wretchedness; to Joey, the worst possible crime was to let peaople struggle. Of course, that wasn't an easy way of life: the meager revenues of a taximan were already low, and Joey was willingly cutting them left and right. Shady jobs came and went sometimes: smuggling "medicinal herbs", carrying "musical instruments to big bands", even escorting "a VIP to his room"; Joey did many missions that needed a reliable ride and a believable smile. It made life a lot smoother, but it came with its own lot of unfortunate consequences and misfortunes. So many events that made him think he was going either numb or crazy; which made the first discussions with dead people all the more quaint. After all, Joey already spoke with the City's shadows; why not speak with its spirits too?

As to "why", he was bestowed that gift, Joey has a hunch: the dead who aren't silent are usually restless. Full of sorrow. Full of anger. Full of questions. In his mundane life, he helped people in need, did small talk with the talkatives and dealt in the occasional shady business on the side, trying to postpone the need to deal his lack of sleep, nicotine, or joy. His attitude to the Dead was the same; it only meant many more souls to guide to shore.


Small Talk with the Dead (MYTHOS - Divination)

What is keeping the Dead in this world?

What allows you to uncannily know things you wouldn't normally know?

Communicate with the Dead

What other type of knowledge can you access with your powers?


What subject is the easiest for you to learn about?

Intense emotions

What must you have in order to do your divination?

A dead spirit or an item with history

Helping the helpless (LOGOS - Personality)

I will always work for free if you don't have any money.

What lies at the core of your personality?

Truly wants to help those in need

What interpersonal skills do you have thanks to your personality?

Good judge of character

What aspect of your personality keeps you safe or helps you resist influence?

Common sense, no nonsense

What typically interests you?

City nightlife

What happens when you let yourself go to far?


What sort of people or condition makes your personality less effective?

Tobacco addiction

Taximan of Lost Souls (LOGOS - Routine)

It is my job to give you that ride.

What do you do with your time?

City driving

What did you learn on your daily activities?

Knows every street

What trick have you picked doing what you do?

Who needs sleep anyway

At the end of the day, what are you left with?

Sorely underpaid

Go-slow Courier (LOGOS - Training)

Sure, I can bootleg that; service with a smile.

What do you do, or know, best?

Talk my way out of anything

What quality or trait did your training foster?

Poker face

Against who or what does your training give the best results?

Law & Order

Who is after you due to your prominence in the field?

Underworld reputation

Crew Relationships