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*[[Gaderian Athnos]]: Human Fighter played by Keal
*[[Gaderian Athnos]]: Human Fighter played by Keal
*[[Malikhad]]: Kalashtar Psion (Telepath) played by Jess Heinig
*[[Malikhad]]: Kalashtar Psion (Telepath) played by Jess Heinig
*[[Armand d'Tharashk]]: Human Artificer played by WombleHunter
==Named NPCs==
==Named NPCs==

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John Galt's Eberron

This is the Wiki page for John Galt's game of Eberron played in the Play-by-Post forums of RPGnet.

The Player Characters

Named NPCs

  • Lady Elaydren d'Cannith - Human, a wealthy and presumably influential member of House Cannith, with interests in the pre-Last War artifacts of the House.
  • Ulfen - Human, proprietor of the Four Sails restaurant in the Lower Menthis Plateau. Danul's former employer.
  • Fenez - Gnome, student of pre-Galifar Studies at Morgrave University
  • Bonal Geldem - Human, provost at Morgrave University, Director of Pre-Galifar Studies. Found an ancient House Cannith journal describing the location of a lost schema. Assassinated by an agent of the Lord of Blades.
  • Matron Goodheart - Halfling, proprietor of the Broken Anvil tavern in the Upper Menthis Plateau. A member of House Ghallanda.
  • Skaken - Goblin, vendor in the Rat's Market within the lower levels of Dorasharn Tower.
  • Saber - Warforged, agent of the Lord of Blades. Recently deceased.


  • Sharn - The "City of Towers," a major metropolis in the progressive country of Breland.
    • Dorasharn Tower - A partly-abandoned tower in Sharn, with a series of sublevels leading into progressively more dangerous sewers and containing, somewhere in the depths, an ancient, lost Cannith foundry.


Out Of Character


Invisible Castle (dice roller)