Joth D'Argo

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High Concept: Force-Sensitive Exiled Duelist
Trouble: Indifferent to Danger
Elegant and Civilized
Jaded and Cynical
Blaster for Hire

Joth's every day, "going to the office" outfit.


Fate Points/Refresh 3/3

Physical OO
Mental OOOO

Consequences: None


+4 Shoot
+3 Athletics, Will
+2 Knowledge, Fight, Rapport
+1 Provoke, Notice, Pilot, Contacts, Lore


Shootist - Gain +2 to create an advantage with Shoot when firing a pistol.
Gunsmith - Use Shoot to repair and modify blasters.
Unimpressed - When someone tries to intimidate you, and you succeed with style on your Will defense, you can choose to deal a 2 shift mental hit to the attacker instead of getting a boost.
Reading the Line of Fire - +2 to Athletics when using it to dodge blaster fire.

Extra: Masterwork Dueling Blaster - Twice per session, when attacking at a range of 1 zone or more, you can re-roll a failure with this weapon without spending a fate point.


Dueling is, of course, illegal on the rain-swept archipelagos of Ancos. Single combat with blaster or blade is most certainly not a substitute for legal action or a spectator sport. While the Great Houses do sometimes take on the scions of impoverished lesser houses as retainers, they would never train them in combat to serve as their champions on the field of honor. What happened to that young man the Imperial governor had her eye on was murder, pure and simple. It's unfortunate the culprit fled the system, but he won't get far. The scum and villainy of the Outer Rim understand only violence, and he has no skills they might find valuable.