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Julie the Vampire Slayer Main Page

Julie Connolly[edit]

The Vampire Slayer

Played by: Craig Oxbrow

Age: 16 years

Appearance: Quite small, 5'2" and slim, with naturally fair hair currently fiery orange.

Julie's life in Boston was pretty good, now she looks back at it. She wasn't jockish or nerdy, was part of a small social circle (the indie music scene) which was too smudgy and inclusive to count as a clique, and had a fairly steady boyfriend. Her main source of conflict was arguing with her dad about going to gigs (and formerly mom about her new guy) and arguing with others in her school's indie music scene about which gigs were worth going to.

Sadly, her boyfriend couldn't quite deal with the whole "Vampire Slayer" deal - who knew that was a thing, anyway?

So she wasn't too crushed to have to move to this no-name college town for her junior year when dad got a professorship.

Seems like a nice little town. No monsters so far, anyway. Not that she's finished unpacking yet...

Attributes Strength 7 Dexterity 7 Constitution 6 Intelligence 3 Perception 3 Willpower 5

Skills Acrobatics 2 Art Computers Crime 1 Doctor 1 Driving 1 Getting Medieval 4 Gun Fu Influence 2 Knowledge 2 Kung Fu 4 Languages Mr. Fix-It Notice 2 Occultism 2 Science Sports 2 Wild Card

Qualities Slayer (Fast Reaction Time, Hard To Kill 5, Nerves Of Steel, Adversary, Obligation) Attractiveness 3 Hard To Kill 7 (+2) Psychic Visions Resistance (Demonic Powers) 2 Situational Awareness

Drawbacks Adversary (Slayer) Love Obligation (Slayer) Secret 2 Teenager

Daniel Goodall[edit]

Samantha Butler[edit]

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 132 lbs

Age: 16 years

Appearance: A slim and fit girl, with healthy tan, chesnut hair and bright blue eyes; takes good care of her body, and is rather proud of it - and not afraid of showing it by wearing shorts and belly-revealing tops.

Sam (she doesn't really mind being called that) is not your tipycal cheerleader (or, more correctly, not the media image of a typical cheerleader). She isn't in it just to be popular, or get close to the football players - she just likes the sport for itself. That's not to say she isn't popular, or isn't aware of it - Sam knows her looks are above avarage at least, and years of exersize and healthy lifestyle gave her a figure close to perfection, and she isn't afraid of showing it off.

One thing besides cheerleading she is concerned with, lately, is drugs. No, Sam never used drugs herself. She also never tried smoking, or tasted alcohol - in fact, she tries to cut on sugar as well and considers turning to vegetarian lifestyle. But drugs already did... something to one of her friends (no matter what everyone says, there's something wrong with Joey lately), and Sam isn't going to let the same happen to her little sister, as well.

Strength: 2 Dexterity: 4 Constitution: 2 Intelligence: 2 Perception: 3 Willpower: 2

Qualities Attractiveness (+2), Acute hearing (+2), Fast reaction time (+2), Resources 2 (Parents) (+2), Hard to kill 2 (+2), Good luck 2 (+2)

Drawbacks (-3) Teenager (-2), Honourable (-1)

Skills Acrobatics: 5, Art (Dancing): 3, Influence: 3, Kung Fu: 2, Notice: 3

Claudia Butler[edit]


Player: spaceranger Concept: Phantom Grumweasel

Character Concept: Drummer, slacker, and girl about town.

Character Type: White Hat

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 138 lbs

Age: 15

Appearance: Claudia's not strong, but wiry and lithe, she dyes her hair and dresses as much like a rocker as she can get away with.

Claudia would die for her big sister, Samantha, if she doesn't drive her crazy first. Big sis is a little too protective and Claudia knows how to take care of herself, she thinks. She'd probably be a pro drummer already if she really applied herself, but she's stopping to sniff the roses and live it up, when she's not playing video games or hanging out with the freaks at the comic store. She's thinking about starting a band sometime, again, for real this time, when she gets around to it.

Primary Attributes (+15) Strength: 2 Dexterity: 4 Constitution: 2 Intelligence: 3 (+1 from Artist) Perception: 4 (+1 from Artist) Willpower: 2

Secondary Attributes Drama Points: 20 Life Points: 35

Qualities (+10, +5 from Drawbacks) • Artist (drummer): 2 • Attractiveness: 2 • Contacts: 2 (counter-culture types and general weirdos across Arkham) • Fast Reaction Time: 2 • Hard to Kill: 2 • Nerves of Steel: 3 • Resources (middle class parents): 2

Drawbacks (-5) • Addiction (light use of marijuana): 2 • Clown: 1 • Teenager: 2

Skills (+15) Acrobatics: 1, Art (Drumming): 4 (+1 from Artist), Computers: 1, Crime: 1, Influence: 3, Notice: 2, Occultism: 2, Sports (Track): 2

Relationships Samantha Bulter - Big Sis

Jocelyn Greene[edit]

Player: Muskrat Character Concept: Recreated robot daughter Character Type: White Hat

Height: 5’8” Weight: 145 lbs Age: Chronological: 2 months. Appearance: 16 years Appearance: Jocelyn is a moderately attractive teenage girl (to at least, that’s what she looks like)--tall, slim but physically fit, with rich brown hair and green eyes and a fair complexion. She dresses in a fairly conservative, modest way.

Primary Attributes (+15) Strength: 1 (Robot: +4): 5 Dexterity: 3 (Robot: +1): 4 Constitution: 2 (Robot: +2): 4 Intelligence: 5 Perception: 2 Willpower: 2

Secondary Attributes Drama Points: 20 Life Points: [(Strength + Constitution) x4] + 10 = 46

Qualities (+10, +1 from Drawbacks) • Attractiveness (+1): +1 to Persuasion rolls. • Nerves of Steel (+3): Immune to fear from all but the strongest supernatural manifestations; + 4 to resist fear vs. these extreme manifestations. • Photographic Memory (+2): The Director will provide any information the character would remember. + 1 to rolls where memorizing facts is useful. +1-3 to rolls involving memory. • Robot (+5): A robot cannot heal damage normally and must be repaired.

Drawbacks (-10) • Honorable: Serious (-2): Jocelyn’s mother programmed her with a strict sense of right and wrong. • Mental Problems: Obsession (-1): Please her mother. • Misfit (-2): -2 penalty to Influence Tasks. They also attract the attention of any cruel or abusive character. • Secret (-3): The character is a robot. If the truth was discovered, it is likely that she would be taken away or kidnapped and dismantled for study by any number of groups--various government agencies, corporations, even criminal syndicates--all looking to understand how she works and recreate her. • Talentless (-2): -3 to rolls involving artistic creativity, lying, charming people, or anything where creativity is involved. A maximum of one Success Level on rolls involving creativity.

Skills (+15, +9 from Drawbacks) Acrobatics: 3 Art: 0 Computers: 5 Crime: 0 Doctor: 0 Driving: 0 Getting Medieval: 0 Gun Fu: 0 Influence: 0 Knowledge: 5 Kung Fu: 1 Language: 0 Mr. Fix-It: 5 Notice: 0 Occultism: 0 Science: 5 Sports: 0 Wild Card: 0

Character History The original Jocelyn Greene (who went by the nickname “Joey”) was an out-going, hard-partying cheerleader, part of the “popular” (i.e., socially dominant) crowd at school. This all ended when she overdosed on drugs at a party and was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Her widowed mother, Dr. Elise Greene, was unable to accept the death of her only child though. Dr. Greene was a brilliant, workaholic engineer. She should have been highly successful, but many of her inventions simply refused to work when others tried to replicate them. (Unknown to Dr. Greene, she is actually a super-scientist and many of her inventions are, in fact, magical.) Dr. Greene partly blamed herself for Jocelyn’s death. She had always been unsatisfied with the direction her daughter had take, wishing that she had been more into her studies and less into the popular social scene and found her daughter’s pursuit of cheerleading humiliating. She didn’t even like the nickname Joey, which she considered a boy’s name. Dr. Greene decided she had not exercised enough control over Jocelyn and if she had paid more attention to the girl and spent less time working, she would have turned out better and not died from the drug overdose. So Dr. Greene used her connections to cover-up Jocelyn’s death--and then she set about creating a new, better daughter. She created a robot that looked like Jocelyn, but had the priorities Dr. Greene defined as important--academics.

Several months after her drug overdose, Jocelyn returned to school, but she was strangely changed. She dropped out of the cheerleading squad, stopped partying and pursued her studies. She was simultaneously far more ditzy than she had ever been and far more academically adept, acing all her classes (except for art, which she bombed). She had a general knowledge of who others were, but did not remember specific things about them she should have. She even insisted that people call her Jocelyn and not her old nickname of Joey. The official story given out by her mother is that this is the result of brain damage from the drug overdose. Jocelyn’s old friends for the most part have drifted away from her, unable to relate to her any more, and Jocelyn has drifted in with the geeky crowd. She doesn’t quite fit even there, but this group is much more pleasing to her mother.

Jocelyn is aware that she is a robot, something her mother has firmly implanted in her that she must keep secret. She, however, doesn't herself quite grasp the significance of the fact that she's a robot. As she sees it, she died, but her mother built another her. She sees herself as continuous with the real person she's modeled on, not a separate entity. As she spends time at school and with her new friends, her programming is slowly taking on a life of its own and she is gaining more and more free will. She is not yet ready to challenge her mother, but that day may come.

Jerry Jakes[edit]

Karl Giovanni DeMatteis[edit]

Karl DeMatteis is Junior Class President, 17 years old. He gets good grades, though as his mother Debbie says they could always be better. To add heft to his school resume, he is heavily involved in many school clubs. As President, he takes it as his sworn responsibility to spearhead school projects. He strongly identifies with and admires nerds, but never invites them to his social functions, because "hello social suicide".

His father, Dr. Leland DeMatteis, is an anthropology professor at Miskatonic U, and his wife Debbie is a socialite and Ivy Leaguer from a wealthy family. The two have hyperactive social lives (its a wonder Leland has time to grade papers!), and they aren't home much. Karl is so used to being under his own supervision that it doesn't bother him too much. He used to use their absences as an excuse to throw wild parties in the mansion to maintain his place among the popular crowd. He was usually an attentive host, but at one of his parties, something slipped past him, and his friend Jocelyn overdosed. Though she survived she was obviously changed, and this scare really affected Karl. He re-dedicated himself to academics and even ran for (and won) a Student Council seat. It was a good while before he even had friends over to his house, but after enough time passed he began throwing small functions for "cool kids". Now he doesn't get to relax and enjoy such functions, being far too paranoid to let anything get by him again, but he still gets brownie points for playing host.

He gets along with most of the Student Council, including the representatives from the Freshman and Sophomore Classes, and his fellow reps from the Junior Class. Karl is mildly obsessed with making big public showings, from dances to bake sales to car washes benefitting the football team. He is generally a glad-handing politician when dealing with others, but more charming than smarmy. He gets along with most everyone. The Senior Class President, however, is a total bully. Eddie Rearick does not approve of or go along with most of Karl's proposed activities. He likes anything sports related, but doesn't care for school dances or carnivals. He won his appointment on the sheer voting power of the Senior jocks and their friends, who resent the less sporty, more academic popular kids.

Dad is about to begin his sabbatical, and will take time off from teaching to travel the world with Debbie. They will be leaving Karl at home under his Aunt Sharlene's care, but she's about as inattentive as Mr. and Mrs. DeMatteis.

Strength: 2 Dexterity: 2 Constitution: 2 Intelligence: 3 Perception: 3 Willpower: 3

Qualities Attractiveness (+1), Contacts 2 (Faculty & Staff), Resources (Wealthy) (+6)

Drawbacks Teenager (-2), Honourable (Serious) (-2), Minority (Gay) (-1), Covetous (Conspicuousness, mild) (-1), Obligation (Student Council) (0)

Skills Computers 1, Driving 2, Influence 4, Knowledge 4, Language (Spanish), Notice 2, Science 2

Tyree Bush-Kendrick[edit]

Tyree Bush-Kendrick is an Army brat. Well more specifically he is a son of an engineer employed by the United States Air Force. Tyree's mom was not in the picture. His father, Samuel, was away in his developmental years.

A lot.

Tyree kid spent his time skateboarding and getting into trouble around the base. Each time more and more pressure was put upon his father by superior officers who were displeased with his boy's behavior.

And so, what would usually end up happening would be that his father would be reassigned. And they would have to move. Time and time again, Tyree recalls packing up his materials until finally he pared everything down to a single backpack. It was easier that way. Thankfully, the Air Force never fired his father; whatever he did for them was far too important.

Eventually, though, enough was enough. In order to toughen him up a bit and teach some discipline, Tyree's father put him into a boot camp program that met on the base... the kind for troubled youth from the nearby communities. It straightened him out. It also gave him purpose and a desire to actually join the armed forces. He wants to make his father proud now.

Strange things began happening at the base though just before his father was transferred to Arkham. His dad was still gone for long hours and was stressed out working on projects that he could not discuss. One afternoon even, a soldier lost his temper in a card game and really hurt some of his friends. He did things to the other troops that no one should be able to do... And everyone cleaned it up and looked the other way.

Mere days later, his father was reassigned to Arkham, Massachusetts.

Tyree wants to know why, though. He knows that there was something going on. Things are stressful around the house now, worse than ever. He actually enjoys school because it gets him out of the house.

He's not the smartest kid in the world. He's not exactly a jock, either, although he could hold his own; unfortunately the only thing the bases ever had was baseball - nothing that would actually bring about significant physical contact of any kind. He's a bit socially awkward, but a lot of that stems from moving too many times. He'd really just like to fit in and stop being the "new kid" every where he goes. He really wishes his hair would grow out just a bit, but with the short military style that he was forced to maintain and a mixed heritage (a white mother and a black father), his hair just doesn't grow as quickly as he'd like - or in the ways he'd like.

Strength 4 Dexterity 4 Constitution 5 Intelligence 3 Perception 3 Willpower 3

Qualities Acute Sense (Hearing) -2 Attractiveness (the ‘Man in Uniform’ syndrome) -1 Fast Reaction Time -2 Good Luck -4 Hard to Kill -5 Blue Ridge Military Academy for Troubled Youth -3 Photographic Memory -2 Resources (Rich) -4 Resistance (Pain) -3

Drawbacks Dependent (Father) +2 Honorable (Serious – ‘A Man’s Word Is His Bond’) +2 Obsession (Uncovering the Truth) +2

Skills Acrobatics +2 Doctor +2 Driving +1 Getting Medieval +3 Gun Fu +3 Kung Fu +4 Languages (French) +1 Mr. Fix-It +2 Notice +2 Sports (Baseball) +2

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