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'''Rank''':  3
'''Rank''':  3
'''Insight''': 182
'''Insight''': 184
'''Glory''':  1.4
'''Glory''':  1.4
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'''Total Experience Points''':  111
'''Total Experience Points''':  111
'''Experience Points Spent''':  100
'''Experience Points Spent''':  105
'''Target Number To Be Hit''':  20/23 (25 armored and unaware/28 armored and aware)
'''Target Number To Be Hit''':  20/23 (25 armored and unaware/28 armored and aware)
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*Defense (Reflexes) 2
*Defense (Reflexes) 2
*Knives (Agility) 2 – Jitte
*Knives (Agility) 2 – Jitte
*Horsemanship (Agility) 1
*Horsemanship (Agility) 3
*Lore (Law) (Intelligence) 2 - Commercial Law
*Lore (Law) (Intelligence) 2 - Commercial Law
*Athletics (Strength) 1
*Athletics (Strength) 1

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Name: Kakita Hayase

Clan: Crane

School: Doji Magistrate

Rank: 3

Insight: 184

Glory: 1.4

Honor: 5.5

Status: 4.5 (Emerald Magistrate)

Total Experience Points: 111

Experience Points Spent: 105

Target Number To Be Hit: 20/23 (25 armored and unaware/28 armored and aware)

Reduction: 3

Earth: 3 Stamina: 3 Willpower: 3

Water: 3 Strength: 3 Perception: 3

Fire: 3 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 3

Air: 3 Reflexes: 3 Awareness: 3

Void: 2


  • Etiquette (Awareness) 2
  • Kenjustu (Agility) 2
  • Jiujutusu (Agility) 3 - Unarmed damage increased by +1k0
  • Polearms (Agility) 3 - Naginata; +5 to Initiative for first round of combat
  • Defense (Reflexes) 2
  • Knives (Agility) 2 – Jitte
  • Horsemanship (Agility) 3
  • Lore (Law) (Intelligence) 2 - Commercial Law
  • Athletics (Strength) 1
  • Artisan (Ikebana) (Awareness) 3
  • Games (Shogi) (Intelligence) 3
  • Investigation (Perception) 4 - Second attempt at Search will not increase the TN.
  • Iaijutsu (Reflexes) 1
  • Lore (Crane) (Intelligence) 1
  • Courtier (Awareness) 3 - +3 Insight
  • Calligraphy (Intelligence) 2 - Scorpion Ciphers
  • Lore (History) (Intelligence) 1
  • Commerce (Intelligence) 1
  • Meditation (Void) 1
  • Battle (Perception) 1


  • Inheritance (+5) – Hayase has inherited her grandmother's naginata. She gains +1k1 when making a skill roll for non-combat purposes.
  • Large (+4) – Hayase shows her Crab blood in her stature. At 6'2”, she stands eye-level with the larger Crabs and towers over most Crane. Her target numbers for social situations increase by 5. She gains +1k0 for damage on melee attacks with large weapons.
  • Precise Memory (+1) – Hayase has a remarkable memory. In any situation where she needs to remember exact details, she adds +1k1 to her Intelligence rolls.


  • Doubt: Etiquette (-4) – Hayase suffers in social situations, due to an adolescence filled with gawkiness and many taunts at her size. She must declare one raise that gives no benefit. (BOUGHT OFF.)
  • Driven (-2): Hayase is driven to prove herself to be a “proper” Crane, despite her size and supposed clumsiness.


Illustrious Past: Hayase's ancestor served the clan as a clerk in the Imperial bureaucracy. She may take the Precise Memory Advantage for 2 fewer points

Doji Magistrate School

Temper Steel With Honor: Hayase is trained in Mizu-Do – the Way of Water – and adds her Air Ring to her Armor TN (unless surprised or unaware), making her Defense TN 28 when armored. She gets +1k0 when fighting with a jitte or sasumata.

Flowing Like Water: Hayase is trained in using an opponents strength against them. She may use an opponent's Strength when rolling to control a Grapple or resolve a Disarm.

Breath of the Law: Hayase is trained in the locks and blows of Mizu-Do. If she Grapples or Disarms an opponent, they are also Dazed.

Physical Description: Kakita Hayase stands 6'2”, having inherited the size of her grandmother's family, the Hida. Likewise, she is agile and full of grace (although she does not see it), having inherited the litheness of her grandfather's family, the Kakita. Her hair is dark and straight, tied back in a samurai-ko's foxtail or braid when she is in battle, and pinned up in a style that she mastered only through careful and regular practice and which is nowhere near the intricate and elegant artistry of which other Crane women are capable (or so she thinks). Her complexion is similar to that of the Daidoji, darkened slightly from drilling long and hard in the dojo and outdoors, but not as tanned as the Mantis or Crab, and nowhere near as pale and beautiful as Doji and Kakita women (or so she thinks). Crabs may be reminded of Hida O-Ushi when they see her.

Hayase’s armor is lightweight and lacquered the traditional sky blue and white of her clan. She wears a kabuto when in battle, but does not wear a mempo. The only piece of her kit that is not the colors of the crane is the finely made naginata that she carries. Its shaft is dark grey, both with long use and the natural color of the wood. There is a small maker's mark on the tang of the head that shows it to have been made by a Kaiu weaponsmith. Hayase has tied a streamer of blue silk to the haft, just below the head.


  • Light Armor (+5 TN to be hit, +5 to Athletics and Stealth TNs)
  • Helmet
  • Katana
  • Wakizashi
  • Tetsuo no Hinode, Grandmother's Naginata (3k2)
  • Jitte
  • Tanto
  • Sasumata (4)
  • Kimono and Sandals
  • Traveling Pack
    • Chopsticks
    • Sake Cup
    • Miniature Shogi Set
    • Week's Supply of Rations
    • Whetstone
    • Fan
    • Tatami
    • Blanket
    • Spare kimono and sandals
    • Hairpins
  • Dress kimono, sandals, and hairpins (3 koku)
  • Flint and steel
  • Spare Sake Cup
  • 4 Candles
  • Copy of Kakita's The Sword
  • Daisho Stand
  • Writing Box
  • Paper, 10 sheets
  • Hakama, Two Pair
  • Haori
  • Jinbaori (from Agetoki)
  • Backpack
  • "Taidama" - Unicorn-bred Du'Rafta-ba (draft horse), borrowed from the Emerald Magistrate's stables

18 koku, 7 bu, 5 zeni


Unarmed Strike Damage: 5k1