Kara Miller

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A Character in the City of Mists: Order of the Watchtower campaign



I came from poverty and have no interest in remaining there. Getting into law school took all of my considerable willpower and no small amount of luck, and even so I wouldn't have made it without a scholarship from the Order of the Watchtower (through appropriate cut-outs, of course). From there, hard work and hustle got me through college, out of the gutter, and into a niche where I can feed. I covered up my first drug deal at 19 (which helped my grades that semester, since the professor was the one selling). Covered up my first death at 21 (too much blow at a party; not a murder but a real problem for a celebrity with too many scandals under her belt already), and then I had a reputation. If you have a problem, I can find a solution. It won't be cheap, and you don't want to ask how I do it, but those who have my card know that it's as close to a get out of jail free card as you'll find outside of Monopoly.

Of course, nothing comes without strings, but when the patrons who'd paid my way came calling, the nature of their deal was a surprise. But... not that I'd ever admit that I feel guilt about what I've done to get where I am, a little pro bono work lets me sleep easier, and besides, working for the Watchtower is my best bet at understanding just what I am now.



Sebby saw my softer side, the part that I always keep hidden from others, when I saved her daughter Samantha. For all that I am focused on serving myself, I was quite willing to put myself between an innocent and harm, even when it blew up the job I was doing at the time. Since then, I've taken Sebby as a confidant.




Crew Relationships

Name Help Hurt
Sebby 1 0
Roger 0 0
Baku 0 0
Gary 0 0

Kara Miller, the Vampire

The Consummate Predator


The Ice Queen


What must I hide from? If I don't let anyone close, no one can hurt me.
Attention 0 Fade 0 Attention 0 Fade 0
Power Tags: Power Tags:
A Come and Go Unnoticed. A A Heart Cold as Ice.
C "I'm meant to be here." D Menacing
J Too Fast to be Seen. G A Notebook Full of Favours Owed
Weakness Tags: Weakness Tags:
A My Thirst for Blood. B Soft Spot for Vulnerable Innocents.
Unearthly Beauty


Fixer & Troubleshooter


Can anyone truly love me, or are they drawn like moths to my flame? Whatever your problem is, I can fix it. Yes, even that.
Attention 0 Fade 0 Attention 0 Fade 0
Power Tags: Power Tags:
A Unholy Charisma A Analysing Problems.
C Irresistible Charm D Clearing the crime scene
G Uncanny Strength J A Keen Eye for Detail.
I Devilishly Seductive
Weakness Tags: Weakness Tags:
A The Sunlight Burns. B Overconfident.
D Over-Zealous Thralls.


Kara's Loft Apartment