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== Rank ==
== Rank ==
*L6 Assassin (Executioner)
*L6 Assassin (Executioner)
*XP: 48619/55000 (receives +5% bonus)
*XP: 53184/55000 (receives +5% bonus)
*Neutral Alignment
*Neutral Alignment
*PC with four henchmen: [[Hira of the Seven]], [[P'zev the Hairless]], [[Hosfai]] the Cerves, and [[Ishka]] Bronze-skin
*PC with four henchmen: [[Hira of the Seven]], [[P'zev the Hairless]], [[Hosfai]] the Cerves, and [[Ishka]] Bronze-skin

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The Wilderlands of Absalom

Originally a sea raider of the Iron Isles, Karag Two-Blades has carved a reputation as a cutthroat mercenary in the armies of the Scarlet Principalities. Driven now by fancies of robbing ghosts and claiming valor, he chases troubled dreams in pursuit of carving his name in the wild territories beyond civilization. His giant mustachio has been named 'The Caterpillar' by the men, and his favorite possession, inexplicably, is a battered horned helm.


  • L6 Assassin (Executioner)
  • XP: 53184/55000 (receives +5% bonus)
  • Neutral Alignment
  • PC with four henchmen: Hira of the Seven, P'zev the Hairless, Hosfai the Cerves, and Ishka Bronze-skin
  • Titles/Holdings: None
  • Age: 28 (potion of speed'd)


  • STR 17 (+2)
  • INT 13 (+1)
  • WIS 7 (-1)
  • DEX 13 (+1)
  • CON 9
  • CHA 12


  • Languages
    • Common
    • Swampspeak
  • General Proficiencies
    • Adventuring
    • Mapping The character can understand and make maps, even if he cannot read or write. With a proficiency throw of 11+, the character can interpret or draft complicated layouts or map an area by memory. This proficiency can be selected multiple times.
    • Riding Judge of horseflesh, mounted combat, and control animal
    • Seafaring x2 The character can crew large sailing ships or galleys. If a character selects this proficiency twice, he can serve as a captain on a seagoing vessel, as described in Specialists.
    • Survival The character is an expert at hunting small game, gathering fruits and vegetables, and finding water and shelter. The character forages enough food to feed himself automatically, even when on the move, so long as he is in a fairly fertile area. If he is trying to supply more than one person, he must make a proficiency throw (as described in Wilderness Adventures), but gains a +4 bonus on the roll.
  • Class Proficiencies
    • Acrobatics The character is trained to jump, tumble, somersault, and free-run around obstacles. The character gains +2 to saving throws where agility would help avoid the situation, such as tilting floors and pit traps. In lieu of moving during a round, the character may attempt a proficiency throw of 14+ to tumble behind an opponent in melee. If successful, the character is behind his opponent. The opponent gains no benefit from his shield. Thieves and others eligible to backstab an opponent gain their usual +4 on the attack throw and bonus to damage. Characters with an encumbrance of 6 stone or more may not tumble.
    • Combat Trickery (Disarm) When the character attempts this special maneuver in combat, the normal penalty for attempting the maneuver is reduced by 2 (e.g. from -4 to -2), and his opponent suffers a -2 penalty to his saving throw to resist the special maneuver.
    • Fighting Style (two weapons) Additional +1 to attack throws
  • Class Abilities
    • damage bonus (missile and melee, already added to attack stats)
    • in leather or lighter
      • backstab x3 (damage roll only, not bonuses)
      • move silently 12+ (1⁄2 standard combat movement rate without penalty. If moving greater than 1⁄2 speed, take a -5 penalty to the proficiency throw. If running, take a -10 penalty.)
      • hide in shadows 14+ (remain hidden so long as he stays motionless. If he moves, he must make a new proficiency throw to hide.)


  • AC 7 (+1 chainmail AC5, +1 protection [sword], +1 dexterity) or sometimes 8 (masterwork lamellar AC 6, +1 protection [sword], +1 dexterity)
  • Dances with Death: attacks that would hit AC 6 exactly receive an immediate riposte
  • HP 24
  • Movement Rate: 120/40/120
  • Initiative Modifier: +1
  • Attacks (w/ up to 6 cleave attacks)
    • Primary Melee Attack: Dances with Death + Frenzy, attack throw 1+, 1d6+6
    • Secondary Melee Attack: Dances with Death + masterwork handaxe, attack throw 1+, 1d6+6
    • Tertiary Melee Attack: Dances with Death alone, attack throw 4+, 1d6+6
    • Primary Ranged Attack: Longbow 6+, 1d6+3, 70'/140/210'
    • Secondary Ranged Attack: masterwork Handaxe 5+, 1d6+3, 10'/20'/30'
    • Tertiary Ranged Attack: normal Dagger 6+, 1d4+3, 10/20/30'
  • Saves: (-1 WIS penalty vs spells & magic items) (+1 protection added into values below)
    • Petrification & Paralysis 11+
    • Poison & Death 10+
    • Blast & Breath 12+
    • Staves & Wands 12+
    • Spells 13+


Gear, Armor, Weapons: 3 stone, 4 items

  • Clothing (22.8 gp): Fur-lined cloak, tunic and pants, belt, high boots, gloves, horned helm
  • Armor: chainmail +1 (weighs 2 stone)
  • Weapons
    • Sword +1, Dances with Death
    • Sword, masterwork Frenzy (+1 accuracy, +1 damage), 1260 gp
    • masterwork handaxe
    • Silver dagger, 30 gp
  • Belt, leather: waterskin, 6sp, coinpurse 5sp
  • Backpack (55.8 gp): flint & steel, map book, mapping tools, ink - 1 oz

Backup armor: Lamellar, masterwork (+1 AC, -1 encumbrance), 2050 gp

Cyclone, Medium WarHorse, HP 17/17, 250 gp

  • Saddle & Tack - War (25 gp)
  • Saddlebag One (37 gp): shield, longbow, two quivers of 20 arrows, backup dagger, backup handaxe, blanket, tunic and pants
  • Saddlebag Two (22.2 gp): iron rations - 2 weeks, waterskin - full (x2), flask of oil - military (x4)

-2 arrows

Skeg, Medium Draft Horse, HP 20/20 (30 gp)

  • Saddlebag One (29 gp): backup longbow (x2), four quivers of arrows, backup dagger (x2)
  • Saddlebag Two (35 gp): leather armor, backup shield
  • Saddlebag Three (43.2 gp): backup sword, backup handaxe (x2), iron spikes (x 36), crowbar (x2), sacks - large (x9), ink - 1 oz
  • Saddlebag Four (53 gp): iron rations - 1 week, 400' rope, grappling hook, blanket, tunic and pants, whip

Pintle, Medium Draft Horse, HP 13/13 (30 gp)

  • Saddlebag One (41 gp): flasks of oil - military (x18) [all 18 used in hobgoblin siege on kobolds}
  • Saddlebag Two (41 gp): flasks of oil - military (x18) [2 used in hobgoblin siege on kobolds}
  • Saddlebag Three (17 gp): woodaxes (x3)
  • Saddlebag Four (17 gp): woodaxes (x3)

Magic Items

  • Sword, masterwork: Frenzy, +1 to hit and +1 damage
  • Sword forged from some a dull, almost blue metal that is untouched by age or element: Dances with Death, +1
  • dagger, +1: Xallijk's dagger
  • Lamellar Armor, masterwork, +1 AC and -1 stone encumbrance
  • chain mail, +1 (total AC 5, weighs 2 stone)
  • Scroll of spells (secured with Mr. Hand)
    • First Level
      • Floating Disc
      • Shield
    • Third Level
      • Protection from Evil, Sustained
    • Fifth Level
      • Animate Dead
      • Conjure Elemental
    • Sixth Level
      • Trollblood

Dances with Death: The blade is named Dances with Death in the Common tongue. It is semi-sentient, endowed at its creation with an air elemental a half-dozen cycles ago by the brass-skinned smiths of Pesh. The wielder of Dances with Death gains the benefits of a ring of protection +1 while it is carried, including the bonuses to saving throws. In addition, whenever an attack roll against the wielder would have hit their old AC *exactly* the wielder can make an automatic riposte, regardless if the wielder is surprised, has already acted or has yet to act. This attack cannot lead to a Cleave. (Ex. The current wielder, Anna, has an AC of 4 without the sword and an AC of 5 with the sword. She is fighting an opponent with an Attack throw of 10+, who needs to roll a 15+ to hit her. The attacker rolls a 14, which *would* have exactly hit the Anna's old AC. The simple intelligence that inhabits the sword guides Anna's hand and enables her to make a free attack.)

Adventures of Note

  • Troll Keep
  • Iskikkigiri
  • charging the hobgoblin guardpost


16000 -4000 magic gamble -3310 masterwork items -6500 henchmen XP -753.3 Hira's equipment -322.9 P'zek's equipment -784.1 Karag equipment -50 Hosfai equipment

143.7 gp remaining

Contributions to Expedition: 191.2 Karag eq + 592 Hira eq + 80.8 P'zev eq + 136 gp = 1000 gp Owes 2000 gp to Harn