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If you wrote an airtlce about life we'd all reach enlightenment.
'''''"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." - Leo Tolstoy'''''
{| align="right" border="1" cellpadding="2" width="300" style="margin-left:2em;"
|align="center" style="background:#efefef"| <big>  ''' Kashir al Shahar '''  </big>
!  [[image:Kashirportrait.jpg|200px]]
{| align="left" border="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%" style="background:#efefef"
! align="left" |    '''FULL NAME:'''
| align="left" | <small>    Kysharn Ibn al Shahar Melan'd'har Shen  </small><br><br>
! align="left" |    '''QUOTE:'''
| align="left" | <small>    ''"Before you cleanse the world of darkness, cleanse the windows of dust."''  </small><br><br>
! align="left" |    '''RACE:'''
| align="left" | <small>[[Sarr]]  </small><br><br>
! align="left" |    '''BORN:'''
| align="left" | <small>    578  </small><br><br>
! align="left" |      '''HOMETOWN:'''
| align="left" | <small>    A small village near Myrr  </small><br><br>
! align="left" |      '''EDUCATION/CAREER:'''
| align="left" | <small>    Initially trained as an Earth caster; moved on to weaponry</small><br><br>
! align="left" |      '''RELATIVES/CONNECTIONS:'''
| align="left" | <small>      </small><br><br>
! align="left" |      '''CITIZENSHIP STATUS:'''
| align="left" | <small>    Currently not a registered citizen in any kingdom </small><br><br>
! align="left" |      '''GROUP AFFILIATIONS:'''
| align="left" | <small>    Former anti-Stonegate guerilla and captain of the Bonewright slave liberation force </small><br><br>
! align="left" |    '''KNOWN POWERS/ABILITIES:'''
| align="left" | <small> All weapons, low level Earth Magic </small><br><br>
= '''''<div style="color:#FFFFFF; background-color: #000012">Origin (Character History up to First Event)</div>''''' =
Kashir was born Kysharn Melan'd'har Shen in a small village on the outskirts of Myrr, the [[Sarr]] homeland.[[Image:Sixissue2.jpg|thumb|250px|left|Six is subdued and rescued by Lightning Bug.]] His bringing was relatively typical for his kind. The males of the Melan'd'har family were typically trained to be magical healers. Kashir took little interest in this ordainment and spent most of his school years ignoring his teachers and literally chasing tail.<br><br>
Stories conflict on when exactly Kashir was captured, but Kashir along with others in his caravan were raided and taken prisoner by dark elves around 595. Kashir spent the next four years enslaved under extremely brutal conditions.<br><br>
Kashir was rescued by anti-[[Stonegate]] guerillas who were seizing the slave camp as one of the illegal assets of the noble they were deposing. Kashir joined the guerilla group and conducted several raids on noble houses in his time in their company.<br><br>
The guerilla group eventually lost its enthusiasm and quietly disbanded. Kashir, now well trained in weaponry and tactics, sought to make his living through adventuring.<br><br>
= '''''<div style="color:#FFFFFF; background-color: #000012">Kashir the Adventurer</div>''''' =
The naturally rebellious nature of Kashir combined with his time as a guerilla were both helpful and hurtful toward his life as an adventurer. He worked well independently and actually succeeded in some degree of leadership with other adventurers. However, when it came time to take orders Kashir had little respect for the order-givers, who were rarely trained soldiers but rather other adventurers or even worse, nobles. On multiple occasions Kashir got himself in trouble with the law and rapidly started burning bridges among the community.<br><br>
Kashir's troublemaking was halted by a love affair with a cousin (not uncommon among Sarr). Quilan was an adventurer more seasoned than Kashir, able to beat him in combat most of the time and also the proprietor of an extensive merchant business. She both served as a distraction for Kashir as well as a calming influence over his temper. She became probably the only person in the world he truly respected.<br><br>
The romance proved short lived, however, when Quilan was killed permanently in a chance encounter in the woods. Kashir, travelling alone at the time, only heard about her death through rumor. He blamed himself for her death, having not been there to possibly save her. Having only dabbled in drinking before, Kashir now plunged himself into both intoxicant and Euphoria addiction, quickly frittering away the money he had made in adventuring. He may well have abused substances until death had he not run into Camon Bonewright...<br><br>
= '''''<div style="color:#FFFFFF; background-color: #000012">The Bonewright Brigade and Colony</div>''''' =
Camon Bonewright was the son of mid level nobles who abandoned a life of prestige as a general. Instead, he founded an independent militia with the specific task of liberating large groups of slaves. Kashir was one of his first recruits, along with a smart aleck and high spirited mystic wood elf named [[Alabaster]]. This troupe of soldiers who never exceeded a dozen managed to successfully raiding several major slave camps. Bonewright quickly gathered enemies as a result, and sought to create a secure camp from which to conduct operations as well as house many of the freed slaves who had begun to travel with the Brigade.<br><br>
Thus the [http://www.jimjenkins.us/bonewright Bonewright Colony] was formed in a yet ungoverned mountain valley. Kashir, with his less than diplomatic demeanor, quickly stepped on toes with various persons and powers within the valley. This relationship was strained even more when Bonewright began to involve himself. Previously Bonewright had deliberately distanced himself from any public discourse but now began - possibly due to his illness - a series of rants against specific groups in the valley, advocating brutal violence against even unarmed combatants. He died of old age shortly after, leaving Kashir in charge of the Brigade and Colony. To his fault, Kashir did not publicly denounce the final edicts of his former commander ordering the Brigade to slaughter whole villages. Believing him to still be continuing those orders (and some having political motives for eliminating Kashir and Alabaster) the Bonewright Colony was attacked. It is uncertain whether the goal was to eradicate the colony or simply capture Kashir and Alabaster. Regardless, the colony treated it as an invasion and evoked their ultimate defense: a series of boulders placed along the cliff face bordering the colony. When released, the massive boulders crashed down onto the colony, destroying it and most of the attacking army. Most of the colonists had already retreated underground and followed a series of tunnels to safety.<br><br>
Kashir and Alabaster were taken prisoner by the new valley council. Alabaster was imprisoned while Kashir was banished to the plane of Ilcara, an empty space with nothing but simple plant life.<br><br>
= '''''<div style="color:#FFFFFF; background-color: #000012">In Exile</div>''''' =
Trapped in an empty plane with nothing but his own thoughts, Kashir first raged to the point of exhaustion. After months of this, he was forced to quiet his mind in a way previously impossible. Finally, finding peace with himself and his circumstances, he began to walk. He walked on and on. He walked for a thousand years.<br><br>
After a long long time, the terrain began to change. It changed so slowly that Kashir did not notice it until he saw his first squirrel. Continuing to walk, Kashir found himself back where he began, in a small village near Myrr.<br><br>
Having ended where he started, Kashir found it appropriate to re-take his original name: Kysharn.
[[Image:Sixemblem.gif|thumb|200px|right|The symbol of Khatum's clan, representing eternity]]
= '''''<div style="color:#FFFFFF; background-color: #000012">Basic Personality Profile</div>''''' =

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If you wrote an airtlce about life we'd all reach enlightenment.