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Kate Fletcher

Mythos: Sekhmet

Logos: Egyptologist


Lady of Slaughter (Expression)

"How can I control my rage?"

  • A: Bloody Handed Warrior​
  • C: Swift as a Pouncing Lion​
  • G: Earth-Shattering Roar​
  • J: Wounds Heal Supernaturally Fast​

Weakness Tags:

  • A: Weakened by Alcohol​
  • C: Bloodthirsty Rage​

Divine Huntress (Divination)

"What is it I should be hunting?"

  • A: The Senses of a Hunting Goddess​
  • B: I Know Their Guilty Thoughts​
  • C: Follow a Trail​

Weakness Tag:

  • A: Sensory Overload​

Celebrated Egyptologist (Training)

"The past is a guide to the future"

  • A: Archaeology​
  • C: I speak many languages​
  • B: Identifying Artifacts​

Weakness Tag:

  • C: Professor Cornwall, my academic rival​

Eccentric Intellectual (Personality)

"There's no such thing as useless knowledge"

  • A: Limitless Curiosity​
  • C: Getting People Talking​
  • J: I'll Try Anything Once​

Weakness Tag:

  • A: Overexcited and Unintelligible​

Theme Description

Divine Huntress

The presence of Sekhmet, Before Whom Evil Trembles, has granted Kate the senses of a hunting goddess, far more than merely human. With these, she can follow a trail as well as any hunting dog and, more mysteriously, knows the guilty thoughts of those around her. It's rather disconcerting, and if she's not careful she can suffer from sensory overload.

Lady of Slaughter

The soul of Sekhmet is a thing of rage and combat, and now so is Kate - when the occasion calls for it. She has become a bloody-handed warrior, able to rend her foes into pieces with incredible ferocity and skill. Not only is she strong, she's as swift as a pouncing lion, and it's difficult to stop her getting to grips with her prey. Regrettably this skill is rarely socially appropriate, but that doesn't mean it doesn't serve her well in a fight. When angered, her shouts become an earth-shattering roar, capable of breaking stone and deafening men. She hasn't always been able to avoid getting hurt, but her wounds heal supernaturally fast these days, sometimes vanishing without a trace in seconds.

Unfortunately, the bloodthirsty rage that fills her when she embraces the soul of the goddess is hard to control. Kate has discovered that her connection to the goddess is weakened by alcohol, which is more a curse than a blessing.

Celebrated Egyptologist

Kate follows in her father's footsteps as an archaeologist, and has achieved some fame and notoriety through her publications and public talks on the subject. She was almost raised to the profession, spending time in Egypt with her father and growing up speaking many languages that aid in her studies - a knack that from time to time comes in handy for other pursuits. She speaks many languages, mostly those of antiquity but also useful modern ones such as French, Arabic, and Italian. It's also taught her to identify artifacts quickly and easily, and to beware of frauds.

Not everyone celebrates her achievements, though. Professor Cornwall in particular hounds her, declaring that she merely rides the coattails of her father. He seems quite determined to find some way of discrediting her.

Eccentric Intellectual

Archaeology is not her only interest, however. With her limitless curiosity, Kate grew up studying everything she could and sees no reason to stop now. No question is too small to deserve an answer, or too off-putting to consider, and in the name of educating herself, she'll try anything once. As a curious child she learned the art of getting people talking about any subject so that she can learn from them, but alas when it comes to explaining things herself she can end up tongue-tied. There are just too many thoughts trying to get out at once and she becomes overexcited and unintelligible! That's why she uses extensive notes for her lectures.

A Day in the Life

A normal day for Kate starts with attending to her correspondence. There's usually a lot of it! People write to her with questions, and there are various academic exchanges, and then there are friends. If she's lucky, there might be a letter from mama and papa, but they are off on digs for most of the year and in areas where the post service is, at best, questionable.

Once the post has been dealt with, there's breakfast, and then time spent on study - either reading or writing, or attending such lectures as will allow a lady access. What she studies is a lot less important to Kate than the fact she's learning something new, so there's always something to do with her time. That would often extend into the evening, either attending dinner somewhere or writing at home. Or even giving a talk somewhere.

In addition, there's the work of cataloguing finds - either things sent home by her parents, or for other collectors. It's something she'd happily do with her free time, but also a service that some will pay her for, which is good since she needs money for her studies.

These days, though, her evenings also involve dealing with her Mythos. Something is driving her to hunt, and she doesn't know what, but she has taken to searching the foggy streets of London in case she can find a clue to it. That is something she'd previously never have considered doing alone - it's far from safe, after all. But ever since her awakening, she's more worried about what she might do to someone who attacks her than she is about her own safety.