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Aqua (Lenore Brady)

Appearance: Aqua is a little on the tall side for a woman, often moreso for wearing considerable heels. She has an improbably curvy-but-slim figure, a warm, round face, usually-blue hair (a wig, in any situation), and blue eyes. When working the track, she typically looks like she stepped off the cover of a racing magazine (or other kinds); when working with the crew, she'll aim for glamour, professionalism, or disguise in a calculated manner. On close inspection, her skin has an unnatural, plastic-like shine, and her only body hair is her eyelashes and eyebrows. This mark of a budget skin reconstruction job, along with additional cosmetic body-sculpting, leads to a faintly doll-like appearance that she usually but not always tries to downplay.


   Grew up in a particularly blighted section of the neighborhood; even when the factory was running, her family could barely balance the cost of treatments for pollution-related maladies with the cost of keeping the children in school. Lenore herself developed debilitating, body-wide eczema. The cost of even budget skin replacement grafts prevented her from finishing secondary school, despite having demonstrated a talent with electronics.
   Once the factory shut down, resources were even tighter; Lenore started trying to help make ends meet by catching footage of the races, but didn't really break in until she started showing herself. Used some of her take to get more cosmetic augmentation and join the (mostly) girls trackside who take care of various tasks and provide eye candy, to get a better vantage point and following for herself.
   Still needed more money to keep up with her family's medical needs, and didn't want to start auctioning nights with her off or getting paid to be part of the race purse like some of the other girls, so she started sniffing around the rumors of racers getting hired as wheelmen for Jobs and started working her way into that scene.

SKILLS Etiquette Software Negotiation (Etiquette Specialization)


ABILITIES: Dealer to the Rich and Famous (-2) First Impressions (-2) Morale Buster (-2) Contact (-2) (Video Drone - Investigation and Barrens; Unconventional Movement (Flying))

AUGMENTATION Datajack (-1) Upgraded Memory Modules (-3)

STRESS Body: Mind:[ ] [ ] [P] Reputation: [ ] [ ] [P] [P] Credit: [X] (+1) Record: [X] (+1)

GEAR and LIFESTYLE Low (-2) 5 Gear Points Trending VRoomTube Channel (1 point - Protective: +1 Reputation) Apple T&T iCom™ AirCast™ Paparazzi-Proof® High-bandwidth Multibuffer Media Link (3 points - Effect: 1d3, Protective: +1 Neuro-shieldng, Countermeasures) Flashy Wardrobe (1 point - Effect 1d5 (Etiquette), Protective: +1 Reputation, Unreliable)