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Frac Type: Hard Luck Vehicle Adept AKA: Frac the Fluke, The Fluke, Fraction, Evan Beck

Skills: (0 boxes) Hardware (Free) Piloting (Free)

Domains: (0 boxes) Barrens (Free)

Specializations: (4boxes) PIloting-Street Vehicles (Free) Etiquette-Negotiation (2 boxes) Criminal-Street Racing (2 boxes)

Stress: (+2 boxes) Credit [X] (+1 box) Meat [ ][P] Reputation [X] (+1 box) Essence [ ][ ][ ]

Traits: (6 boxes) Contact: Race Team Manager (2 boxes) Etiquette, Corporate. Resources. Handy (1 box) Wheelman (2 boxes) Squatter Lifestyle (1 box) Uncracked Cyber Legs (0 boxes)

Adept (4 boxes) Awakened (1 box) Adept (2 boxes) -Abilty Boost: Piloting (Free) -Mystic Barding (1 box)

Gear: (Squatter + Handy = 5 gear boxes) Motorcycle (2 Gear Points) Effect: 1d3 (Piloting) Tag: Unreliable Tool Set (1 gear point) Burner Link (1 gear point) Effect 1, Tags: Redirect, Inferior Quality Racing Jacket (1 gear point) Effect 1, Tags: Protective (+1 Armor) Busted Motorcycle Fork (0 gear points) Effect 1d3. Tags: Melee, Inferior Quality Self-Schlep ™ Box Truck (0 gear points) Narrative, no mechanical effect.

Notes: Along the way he got a Charlie Kenton vibe from Real Steel... but I suppose there are also notes of young Anakin in there as well. Hopefully not as whiney.

Frac isn't a has-been, he's a Never-was. During his first attempt at racing, his motorcycle blew up beneath him and he lost his legs. After dealing with some shoddy cyber-prosthetics for a year or so, he went into debt and bought a pair of Kingdom Mk 17 augmented cyberlegs so he could get back into racing. (black market of course). During his big comeback race, the 30 day trial period on the legs expired and caused him to crash mid-way through. This second disaster earned him the racing nickname 'the Fluke'.

(By disabling their wireless connection he was able to restore basic function to the legs, but he'll need some serious hacker help to crack the corporate licensing and restore the augmented abilities)

The box truck is his squatting home/portable garage. I imagine he is in debt to the local barrens garage owner, and now works there to pay off that debt and eventually build a new racing vehicle.

The contact is a rich kid that slums it down in the barrens. Rather than racing himself, he backs local racers. For bragging rights with the other rich kids... and the bulk of whatever passes for a prize if the racer wins.

As far as his adept abilities, I imagine Ability Boost to be a magical connection between man and machine. Something that puts Frac 'in the zone'... or the 'bullet time' like effect Franklin gets while driving in GTA V. I'm not sure how damage works while driving/racing, but I was hoping Mystic Armor would be protection for the vehicle he's driving, rather than himself.

I'm open to mechanical or flavor advice. I wasn't sure on the cost of the Box truck, so I guessed and gave it some tags. if it can be cheaper I might actually be able to afford a gun.