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Stress Brain [ ] Meat [ ] Credit Reputation Record Essence [ ] [ ]

Skills -Spellcasting -Spirits

Specialization -Spellcasting

Spell Stun Ball (?)

Domain -Magical

12 Customization (12/12) Full Magician- Awakened Conjuring Sorcery Assensing Mystic


Squatter (3 Gear) Gear- Compact 38 special, Magical Lodge

Slip is young, around 20 (he’s not sure of his exact birthday anymore). His parents died after the tanks started leaking, they were factory workers who couldn't afford to leave the area. Slip had always been a little off, and it just got worse after his parents passed. Maybe due to genetics or maybe due to lack of food, Slip never grew tall or big, looking thin and always hungry. He had a tendency to just slide out of view or seeming to slide in and out of seeing things that maybe weren't actually there. He's mainly self-taught in magic, he was taught some by an old magician in the number, but they disappeared a while ago and left Slip on his own.