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Name: Stux (aka Andy Collins) Type: Technomancer

Skills [free] Investigation Software

Specializations [free] Network Search (Investigation)

Domains [3 boxes] Barrens Network

Stress [1 box] Brain [ ] [ ] Meat / Armor [ ] Credit Reputation Record [ ] Essence [ ] [ ]

Traits [8 boxes] Technomancer (Effect 1d3) -> I Know Kung Fu

Lifestyle: Squatter

Gear [3 gear boxes] Armored Clothing (Armor +1, Bullet-Resistant, Concealable) Compact 38 Special (Effect 1d3, Ballistic, Concealable)

Notes: The Squatter Lifestyle represents a small basement level collection of closed offices that Stux vanished from the real estate company's records - several rooms, a working bathroom, leftover furniture. Just enough to be functional, but not enough amenities to qualify as Low lifestyle yet.