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==''"If you can't talk 'em down, gun 'em down."''==
==''"If you can't talk 'em down, gun 'em down."''==
:'''Software | Combat [Ranged sp]'''
:'''Network | Criminal'''
:'''Datajack | Arm Cannon''' [1d5 Minigun/Automatic] '''| Cyber Eyes | Toxin/Chemical Resistance'''
:'''High End Commlink | Tags:''' Masterpiece, Countermeasures, Neural Link
:'''Armored Jacket | Tags:''' +2 Armor, Bullet Resistant
:'''Colt .45 M1911A | Effect:''' 1d3 | '''Tags:''' Concealable, Ballistic
:'''Kelly Scales |''' Con; Barrens
:'''Brain ☐ | Meat ☐☐ | Credit | Reputation ☐ | Record ☐ | Essence'''
:Bishop is a quiet man who keeps to himself. He doesn't have a lot of friends, but the few he has are dear to him and there is very little he wouldn't do for them. Acquaintances, however, he has in abundance, and very few of them live on the righteous side of the law.
:His modest apartment above the ReNoodle is small, but it is comfortable and mostly quiet. The lack of parking doesn't really bother him as he doesn't own a vehicle, relying on public transport or hired cars to get where he needs to get.
:Bishop's given name is Ben Fletcher, an easy enough thing to find for anyone willing to do a modest amount of digging, but he always introduces himself by his moniker, the origins of which are a bigger dig, and he never volunteers or shares that story.
==[[Keynes_End_21313|Back to Main page]]==
==[[Keynes_End_21313|Back to Main page]]==

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