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* [https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/veraltan-academy-like-high-school-but-with-magic-and-adventure-instead-of-algebra.879244/ IC Thread]
* [https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/veraltan-academy-like-high-school-but-with-magic-and-adventure-instead-of-algebra.879244/ IC Thread]
* [https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/veraltan-academy-discussion-thread.879246/ OOC Thread]
* [https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/veraltan-academy-discussion-thread.879246/ OOC Thread]
* [https://discord.gg/WhjhxQB/ Discord Channel]

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This is the page for the game Cyberpunk Neighborhood Defenders Zip 21313 (Keynes End), using the Resistance System and run by thorya.



Name Player
Frac the Fluke Llayne
Stux EnigmaticOne
Smiley Sabermane
Aqua Kittlefish
Serena Mercer Bremen
Slip Stinkyfool



  • Ms. O'toole: Elderly woman that runs the ReNoodle.
  • Tony Mario: A plumber and expert at acquiring supplies to keep the neighborhood a little less shitty.
  • Kari: She tends bar at the Hooch House. Frac's cousin. She's solidly built, if on the short side, but doesn't take shit from anybody. A 'sparkling' personality.
  • Baldey: The brewmaster at the Hooch House. A big beefy dude that hauls casks around the way most people carry a gallon of synth-milk. He doesn't like dealing with people though.


Goal Reward
Stop the insurance scam. Gain Contact Fixer(Kelly Scales- Con and Barrens, Effective).



  • ReNoodle: A popular Ramen bar that also gigs as the local school when some stolen eduware makes its way into the Block.
  • Mario Bros. Plumbing: Plumbers of Italian descent that chose their name to poke corporate IP in the eye. Six brothers, each wears a color coded set of overalls.
  • Mulligan's Steakhouse: A pop up steakhouse catering to the corpo crowd that deigns to actually slum it and come watch the races in person, but still wants high to dine in luxury. The restaurant operates around the house of major races. Eye-wateringly expensive meals are served with a full glass-backed (grenade proof) bar overlooking one of the more dangerous turns.
  • The Sky Lounge: So how about this- among the magicians in town the roof is known as the Sky Lounge, but the lower levels are known as the Corner Bar- on race days they fill up with locals watching and recording the race while looking nervously up...usually some of locals will haul in some kind of food or drink to sell to those watching the race.
  • The Hooch House: The Hooch House is the one and only bar in the neighborhood. The booze they distill in the back might taste like rubbing alcohol and a dash of food coloring, but it's cheap and it'll still get you drunk. The ambiance is about what you'd expect from an abandoned church, and the only bathrooms are in the confessionals, plumbed into the abandoned subway station by Mario Bros. It does have a nice patio area though... which I suppose is really just a section of the church where the roof collapsed a few years ago.
  • Eitr Pharmaceuticals Abandoned Factory: It once manufactured a variety of drugs and some cyberware, but as time went on it struggled to remain profitable. A local executive hoped to turn it around with a new drug, a powerful regenerative that worked by accelerating the body's natural healing to cure most injuries. But the drug was a flop, with the production run being far less potent than initial trials, and the less said about the side effects the better.

Deciding to cut their losses Eitr fired the executive, laid off all the workers, and scrapped everything valuable before abandoning the factory entirely. The years went by and the factory continued to deteriorate, eventually polluting the entire area with toxic compounds (the Company's official policy is that some looter or vagrant must have damaged the completely safe containment systems). The building itself is unstable and half collapsed, not to mention far more heavily polluted than anywhere else, and no one in their right mind visits. Some people in the neighborhood even claim it's haunted, but it's not like the locals had the money to contact a team of Spiritbreakers to find out.