Khyshan Lornis - Your Probation Officer(SHK)

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Khyshan Lornis is a member of the Tabai, a race relatively young to interstellar exploration but quickly making gains in the galactic sphere. She is tall for a Tabai (singular and plural) at 5'5"; the average member is barely over 5 feet tall. Although appearing reptilian with a scaly epidermis, a slightly elongated face and two rows of sharp teeth, the Tabai are mammalian, although only a small percentage of them have hair on their heads.

The Tabai are an inquisitive race born out of a species descended from bloody combat; some of this aggression carries through in the form of directness, although it is simply a somewhat common cultural element rather than a species-wide trait. The first of the Tabai planets as brought under a singular ruler many centuries ago; named Cha'kan, he was a Buddha, a Ghandi... and a Sun Tzu and Caesar. Through his efforts, the whole planet developed an orgainization far beyond their technology level, to the point of a stable world government even before their Industrial Revolution.

Khyshan is of nabban ethnicity, born with light tan and grey scales. She does have dark hair, although she prefers to keep it relatively short. She's positively laid-back for a Tabai, always sounding like she's asking a question even for a direct statement. The mother of nine grown children, she gravitated to the Interstellar Bureau of Police, Youth Division as a means to keep on helping others.

Physically, her people are not much more remarkable than humans other than a thicker skin; the extensive education and combat training mandated to all Tabai as well as her IBP training are what have made her an incredible physical combatant.